SRITECS- Industrial Consultants, Since 1980, for Materials, Machinery, Systems and Services

Teaming up with
Connected Industry World Leaders,
SRITECS Assists Industries in
  • Global and Regional Marketing of Own Products, and
  • Global and Regional Sourcing and Procurement of
  • Raw Materials, Fuels and Chemicals
  • Plant& Machinery, with EPCC Services,
  • Automation, Manufacturing, Process Control and Management Systems and
  • IT Solutions and Services including Application and Commissioning

SEGMENTS and SERVICES are Detailed in Following Links:
•        Agriculture Products- Cereals, Edible Oils, Cotton, Coffee, Tea, Sugars, Agro seeds
•        Fertilizer Chemicals of Ammonia, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphate, Sodium, DAP, UREA etc.
•        Specialty Chemicals Insecticides , Herbicides, Fungicides, Crop Care, Sugar Manufacture, Bio-refining  
•        Plant and Machinery:  Tractors, Loaders, Tillage,  Planting,  Harvesting, Equipment, Sugar Plants
•        Systems for  Fertilizer and Pesticide Automation, Irrigation Control, Yield monitoring and Sugar Mills
•        IT services and Solutions for Retail, Trade and Risk Management
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Sugar Projects, Contract R&D and Manufacture

•        Processed  and Ethic Foods from 26 countries to International and Country Standards Milk Powder
•        Specialty Chemicals for  Food Processors , 250 Food Ingredients, Bio Refining
•        Food Processing and Packaging Equipment- Bakery Lines, Milk Plants, Form Fill and Seal Machines,  
Food Processing Systems
•        IT Solutions and Services for Food Retail  and Multi Centre Scalable  Operations

•        Garments  of Cotton, Synthetic, Blended,  woven, Knitted, to Quality Standards with 80+ Top Customers  
•        Industrial Chemicals for Apparel
•        Garment Machinery- Knitting, Stitching, Sewing and Other Machinery
•        Embroidery Threads-  Cotton/  Viscose Rayon /  Staple spun polyester//  Acrylic
•        Fibers, Yarn and Threads- Silk, Cotton/ POY/  PSF/ Military/  Acrylic Yarns
•        Garment Manufacturing Systems,
•        IT Solutions and Services for  Fashion Retail

•        Fabrics and Textiles to Standards, with  120+ Industry Top Customer Base Denim, Cotton, Wool,
Acrylic,  Viscose,  Polyester +Acrylic+ Viscose,  Lycra - blended Yarn,
•        Textile Fibers and  Yarn : 100+ varieties of Fibers  and Yarn, Polyester Staple Fibre, Acrylic, Denim,
Synthetic for Automobiles, Home Furnishing Yarns, Synthetic/ Blended Yarns, Sheeting Yarns, POY, Military
•        Textile Chemicals for Cotton, Blended, Cellulosic Fibres, Wool,  polyamide, silk polyester;
•        Textile Machinery- OE Spinning Ring Spinning Acrylic Fiber, Polyester Fiber,  Polypropylene, Bag
Making,  Comforter, Sewing Thread Plants, Continuous Filament, POY Filament Spinning Lines,
Polypropylene Fiber, Monofilament, Tape, Staple Fiber,  Felt Extrusion,  Carpet Yarn Manufacturing, Lines
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Textile Projects, Contract Manufacturing and R&D for
•        Textile Mill Systems,  
•        IT Services and Solutions for Fabrics and Textile Retail

Automobiles from 92 Global Manufacturers  and of Passenger Cars, SUVs, CVs, Motor Cycles, 2-3 Wheelers
•        Automobile Original Equipment  for  162  Global manufacturers of Axles , Body  and Chassis, Brakes,
Clutches, Drive Train,  Engine, Power train Components, Suspension,  Wheels  And Wheel Assemblies
•        Automobile OE Systems from 114 Global Manufacturers- Engine Management ,  Driving Control, Safety,
Emission , Fuel, Driving, Transmission, Steering, Suspension and Wheels Systems,   
•        CNC Machine Tools- Automatics, Turning Machines, VMC, HMC Turning Centers, Boring Mills,
Grinders, Gear Shaper, Band Saws, Plasma Cutters, ECs, Bending, EDMs, Handling and Welding Robots
•        Manufacturing and Management Systems  for Vehicles, IVHM, Powertrain Controls,
•        IT services and Integrated Engineering Solutions for
•        Automotive Manufacturing- MES,  Intelligence, Engineering Solutions, New generation of systems, SCM,  
Digital Enterprise services, Automotive Design and Value Engineering, PLM) Solutions,  
•        Automotive Financial Services cover Automated Loan Origination solution (LOS), Insurance, Digital
•        Automotive After Market- IT Services for After Market, Data Informatics and Consulting

Cement Manufacture
•        Cements - OPC,  BFS, Fly ash, SR, HES, Extra ERH and White, Concretes-  Ready Mixed, HES,
Multipurpose, Postcrete
•        Construction chemicals  
•        CEMENT PLANTS; 200tpd, 4000 TPD etc, Dry Process Clinker Line,  White Cement Plant, Cement
•        Cement Manufacturing Systems- Raw material preparation, Clinker production,  Clinker grinding, Kiln
and Mill Control System,  Process automation and Control, MIS,  Packaging & Shipping Contract Manufacture
and R& D for Cements and Concretes,
•        IT services and Integrated Engineering Solutions for  Cement Process and Trade

Engineering and Construction
•        New, Licensor and Used Machinery and , for  Construction
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Green Field and Expansion, Projects, Smart City
•        Systems and Software with  Digitalization in Machine building and Plant engineering, Water &
Wastewater Management  

Chemicals and Fertilizer Manufacture
•        Chemicals and Fertilizers  DAP, KCl, NPK, SSP,  Urea,  Fertilizer  and Plastic Chemicals, Industrial and
Feed Stock Chemicals
•        Industrial Chemicals-  67 Categories of   for different Industrial Sectors and Processes
•        Used Chemical Plants like Prilled Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonia/Urea Plant, Ammonium Sulfate Plant,
Cyclohexane Plant, Caprolactam Plant, Ethylene Plant, Methanol Plant, MTBE / TAME Plant,  PTA
(Terephtalic Acid) Plant, UREA Plants , Contract Manufacture of Chemicals, Fertilizers and R&D
•        Chemicals  and Chemical Processing Systems
•        IT services and Integrated Engineering Solutions   for Various Chemical Processes , ERP, SCM, Digital
Enterprise Solutions, Manufacturing Operations Management,  Plant Automation and Controls, Process

Mining and Metals
•        Coals: Thermal – CV 4500 t0 7200Kcal/Kg, Coking - Grades- Steel I, II,  Washery  I,II,III, IV  -LV/
•        Ores- NF Ores- Alumina, Bauxite, Cu, Pb, Zn  Lead Ores and Concentrates,  Iron and Mn  Ores, FAs
•        Diamonds and Gems- Rough/  Cut, Worked  and Polished
•        Precious Metals, NF Metals Steels and Products- Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Steels- Alloy,
Automotive, Electrical, Construction, Tool and Die, Oilwell Pipes
•        Mining Machinery- Crushers, Crushing & screening plants, Articulated Dump Trucks,  Backhoes,
Combines, Dozers, Excavators, Loaders, Shovels
•        Metallurgical  Mc- Bar& Rod, Rebar & Wire Rod, Rebar, Tube, TIG, Rolling Mills, Cut-To-Length Lines
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Al, Cu and Steel Projects
•        Mineral Processing Systems
•        IT services and Integrated Engineering Solutions for Process control Systems covering Extraction,
Transportation, Beneficiation, and Control to cut across the value chain Digital Enterprise Horizontal  and
Vertical Integration,  GIS/GPS, Digital Oil Field Solution, SCM, MES, APC,

Paper and Pulp
•        Paper- Board, Kraft Paper, News Print, Printing and Writing, Tissue and Specialty Papers,
•        Pulp- Bleached/ Unbleached–Softwood Kraft Pulp, Harwood Pulps, Specialty pulps
•        Industrial Chemicals for Paper  and Pulp Mills, Bio refining
•        Used Paper Machinery- Board - Coated , Corrugated, Fluting, and Paper Mills- Coated,  Newsprint,
Kraft, Printing & Writing, Tissue,
•        Packaging Mc- Fillers, Form, Fill & Sealers, Vertical Form, Fill And Seal, Automatic, Blister Packaging
and wrapper Lines
•        EPCC for Paper and Pulp Mill Projects, Contract Manufacturing of Paper and Pulp, Contract R&D
•        Pulp & Paper Systems - Advanced Process Controls, MES,  Dryer Management,  Winder, Drives and
Systems , Machine,  Cross Direction controls, Bleach Process Management
•        IT Services and Solutions for Paper and Pulp Industry, Process Technology, Trade

Oil and Gas
•        Crude Oils and Natural Gas- Sweet, Sour, Mixed, Synthetic Crude oils, Condensates,  Natural Gas, NGL,
•        Refinery Components  - Base Oils, Diesel, Gasole, Fuel Oil Blend Stocks, Cutter Stocks,  Light, Medium,
and Heavy Distillates, LSR, HSR, Naphthas, Gas Oils, Raffinates, Reformates, Residues,

•        O&G Chemicals - Drilling & Completion Fluids, Rheology Modifiers, Shale Inhibitors, Lubricants etc.,
and Natural Gas Chemicals- Acid Gas Removal, Natural Gas Transmission, Heat Transfer Fluids/Lubricants  
•        Oil& Gas Industry Software and Solutions for Upstream and Midstream,  effective processing and
transport of oil and gas from the field to the consumer. Compression and Pumping, Digitalization, Offshore
Drilling, Production, Onshore Production, Pipelines, Storage, Tank farms, and Terminals, Subsea, Water
Treatment, Simulation Software
•        IT Services and Solutions For Oil& Gas Exploration and Production- ERP, GIS, Digital Oil Field
Solution,  and
For Midstream- ETRM solutions, Demand forecasting, operations optimization solutions, SCM, Pipeline
solutions, Transportation Management

Refineries, Fuels, Refinery Products, Petrochemicals
•        Fuels and Refinery Products

•        Fuels- Gasolines, Diesel Oils, ATF, Fuel Oils- , Bunker A, FCC Furnace , Heating Oils, Kerosenes,
LPGs, Alky LPG,
•        Asphalts, Bitumens, Lubricants, Solvents, Spirits,
•        Petrochemicals – BTX Aromatics, Derivatives, Olefins, Derivatives, Petrochemical Feedstocks, Monomers
•        Petroleum Refining Chemicals- Catalysts
•        Used Petroleum Machinery 90,000 BPD Refinery, 100,000 BPD Refinery, Cyclohexane Plant,
Caprolactam Plant, Ethylene Plant-
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Refinery Projects, Contract R&D and Manufacturing
•        Systems and Services - Refining Process Technology, Process Control & Monitoring, Automation, MES,
Blend Performance Monitor, Tank Monitor, Movement Control, Movement Automation system, Movement
Monitor, Profit Blend Controller, Regulatory
•        Processing Solutions with licensor process technology for Aromatics, Derivatives, Olefins and  Detergents
•        IT Solutions and Services for Refinery and Marketing, Refinery Decision Support system, Plant

•        Advance Polymers,  Specialty Polymers,  Copolymers, Elastomers, Epoxy Compounds, Plasticizers
•        Commodity Polymers- PA,PE, PES, PP, PS, PVC, Pus
•        Engineering Polymers- ABS, Acrylates, PC, PBT, PEEK, PPS, SAN,
•        Engineered Plastics- - B& A, MBs, Compounds,  Films, Resins, Synthetic Fibres- PFY, PSF Synthetic
•        Polymer Chemicals and Rubber Chemicals
•        Used Polymer Plants and Machinery
•        Acrylonitrile Plant, Pet Plant Polyester Chip plant , Lines- PTA, Blown Film Extrusion Lines -
Monofilament- Pipe & Profile- Sheet- Injection Molder  and Robots
•        Contract Manufacturing of Engineered Polymers and Polymer R&D
•        Process Control and Manufacturing Systems

•        Prescription Drugs for classified  42 diseases,
•        Anti Biotics, Anti- Acne, Allergic, Arthritis,  Asthma, Bacterials, Cancer, Coagulants, Diarrhoeals,
Diabetic, Emetics, Epileptic, Fungal, Inflammatory, Malarials, Migraine, Obesity , Parkisonis,   Psychotics,
Pyretics, Spasmodics, Tb , Virals, Retroviral,   Ulcerants, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Cardiovascular Drugs
•         Medicines and Formulations, Vitamins and Raw Materials
•        Pharma Chemicals
•        Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, 618 Products to EP/BP/USP  Standards
IT Services nd Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotech, Medical, Life sciences
Covering Batch and, quality management, compliance, packaging and Retail

Health Care
•        Health Care Plans, Systems and Services- 16 Health Care Plans, 26 Health Care Solutions , Diagnosis and
management Systems for Hospitals, Physicians and Pharmacies,  Diagnostic Systems, Instruments  and
•        Lab solutions for 60 categories of Tests for  analysis, 14 types of Advanced Surgical devices, Healthcare
•        Health  are Chemicals
•        IT Services and Solutions
•        Healthcare systems and Solutions for Connected Hospital, Connected Clinician, Nurse Communication
and Workflow Management, Connected Patient monitoring, Facility Systems Management,  
•        For Healthcare and Life Sciences
•        For Healthcare Provider- Emergency Management Solution, Hospital Information Systems and Electronic
Medical Record as a systems integrator, Healthcare Outreach Solutions
•        For Life Sciences- R&D, SCM, PLM, Sales and Marketing, CIT
•        Health Insurance

Power Plants
•        Fuels Thermal Coal, Natural Gas,  Gasoline, Diesel, HFO,  Bio Refining Chemicals
•        Power Plant Software and Solutions  for
•        Power Generation- Gas turbines, Steam turbines, Generators, Coal Fired Power Plants Gas-Fired Power
Plants,  Combined Heat and Power,  Gas and diesel engines, Carbon Capture, Transmission and Distribution,  
•        Renewable Energy- Wind power, Small hydro power, Hybrid power and storage,  Integrated Solar
Combined Cycle, Biogas, Bio Mass, Co- Generation
•        Used Power Plants and Generators  Available–
•        Biomass to Energy Conversion Plant 7,326.77 KW. Cogeneration Plant (CHP), 3MW, 9.702 KW,  150
MW, Power Plant - 15 MW Diesel Generators, Power Plant - 33MW HFO- Power Plant - Natural Gas  10 MW
Coal Fired Power Plant – 23 MW,  25 MW 30 MW, 80 MW ,
•        Generator Sets- Diesel Driven - 40 kW-  6500 Kw,  Natural Gas, Dual Fuel, Heavy Fuel Oil 180 Kw-
20,750 KW,  
Natural Gas - 25 kW- 58000 Kw,  Gasoline Or Propane-    70 Kw-  150 Kw, Steam Turbine Dr., Condens'g 80
Kw- 100MW,  Non-Condens'g 510 Kw- 15625 Kw, Hydro-Electric1079 Kw- 1600 Kw,,
•        IT Services and Solutions for  Utilities- Enterprise Business Solutions, Enterprise Asset Management,
Infrastructure Management, Business process outsourcing
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Power Projects

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