SRITECS- Global Market Access for  IT Services and Solutions, Materials, Fuels and
Chemicals, Plant &Equipment,  Machinery, Automation, Manufacturing, Process Control
and Management Systems

•        Agriculture Products- Cereals, Edible Oils, Cotton, Coffee, Tea, Sugars, Agro seeds
•        Fertilizer Chemicals of Ammonia, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphate, Sodium, DAP,
UREA etc.
•        Specialty Chemicals Insecticides , Herbicides, Fungicides, Crop Care, Sugar
Manufacture, Bio-refining  
•        Plant and Machinery:  Tractors, Loaders, Tillage,  Planting,  Harvesting, Equipment,
Sugar Plants
•        Systems for  Fertilizer and Pesticide Automation, Irrigation Control, Yield
monitoring and Sugar Mills
•        IT services and Solutions for Retail, Trade and Risk Management
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Sugar Projects, Contract R&D and

For Food Retailers, Supermarkets, Food  Processers,  SRITECS  offers
Corn, Rice, Soy Beans, Wheat, Vegetable Oils, Sugars, Coffee and  Tea for their Supply Chain
from World Renowned Sellers. Current client base to these sellers are across the world. All
products confirm to  International Standards and Regulations. Details are as follows:

Agriculture Products- Cereals, Edible Oils, Cotton, Coffee, Tea, Sugars, Agro seeds Agriculture

Corn- Yellow Corn (Maize) Grade 2 and 3, Test Weight min 70 kgs per hl FM 3.00% Max
Moisture 14%, Feed Corn

•    Basmati Rice- Parboiled,  Average grain length 7.30 mm appx.,   * Length after cooking 16-
12 mm,  Pusa Basmati &1121 Basmati. Sella Basmati: Traditional, Pusa & 1121 sella in creamy
and Golden form.
•     Raw and Polished Basmati- Av.length of 7.20 mm * L after cooking 15-19 mm.
•     Raw and Parboiled Long Grained and Medium Grain Rice; Varieties : Sharbati, IR 64, PR
106, PR 11, IR-36, Panth-4, Sona Masoori 1001 – Av. grain Length 5.5 - 5.7 mm, Others-  6 - 6.15

Soy Beans: Yellow , Non-GMO, Grade 2- Test Weight: (Lbs/BU) 54 Min. Protein: 35.0% Oil:
18.5% Min.

•     Durum Wheat Grade 2 Test Weight : 80 Lbs/Bushel Min Protein : 14.0% Min Moisture :
12.0% Max Wet Gluten : 27.0% Mix Dry Gluten : 10% Max
•     Red Hard Winter Wheat Grade 2- Protein : 11% Min Test Weight : 74 Lb/Bushel Kernel
Weight : 30-32 Grams Moisture Content : 13 % Max Wet Gluten : 27 % Min Dry Gluten : 10 %
•     Soft Milling Wheat Grade 2-Test Weight : 78 Kg / Hl Min Humidity : 13% Max Protein
Content : 11.5 – 13.0 Pct Min Wet Gluten : 27% Min

Edible Oils
Branded Oils for Bakery, Confection, Dressing, Food Oils, Frying, Infant Meals, Margarine,
Ready Meals, Cocoa- Butter equivalents,

Palm Oils-  Crude, Degummed, RBD  and  Refined RBD Palm Oil - Specifications
Ffa : 0.1% Max. M&I : 0.1% Max. I.V : 50-55 Sm Pt : 33-39 Deg C Max. 3.5 Color Max : 3r 3.6
Flavor: Bland
RBD Palm Oil,.
Crude De-gummed Palm Oil - Packing in Bulk, Specifications: Free Fatty Acid (As Palm Tic) 5 %
Max, Saponification Value 195 – 205, Specific Gravity 0.900 -0.911 Melting Point (0C )45 - 50 Max
Refined Palm Oil

Soy beans oil- CDSO and Refined Specifications-Free Fatty Acid Up to 0.10%, Soy bean Oil Is
High In Polyunsaturated Fat And Low In Saturated Fat. Cholesterol-Free And Rich In Vitamin E,

Sunflower Oil- Crude and Extra Refined- Specifications-Specific Density (At 20c): 0,918 - 0,920
Acidity Mg Koh % Gm Oil Max: 0,1 - 0,6 Saponification Value, Mg Koh/Gm Oil: 188 - 194

•   White Refined Beet Sugar ICUMSA 45 Specifications Icumsa : 45 Rbu Maximum- European
Union, Polarization: 99.80% Minimum At 20º Sulphate Ash Content: 0.04
•    Refined white Cane Sugar ICUMSA  45- Polarization: 99.80 Degrees Min.  Ash Content: 0.04
Max. ICUMSA: 45 Rbu  Solubility: 100% Dry And Free Flowing,
•    Indian White crystal Sugars Grade S30- S-2, S-1 Sugar

•    Value added Sugars
• Double Refined White Sulfur less Sugar  • Granulated , Extra Fine Granulated Sugar
• Screened White Sugars Pharma Biscuits Drinks  • Icing Sugars, Fondant Icings
• Brown Sugars For Bakery Baker's Spl,  Light And Dark Brown Sugar,
• Syrups & Treacle For Cereal Bars etc  • Bold & Decorative Texture On Cakes,  Castor
• Liquids For Drinks Sugar Shakers, Dry Blending  For Mixes And Drinks
• Inverts For Chocolates, Candy Sugar, Confectioners’ Powdered Sugar ,Powdered Sugar
• Organic Liquid Demerra, Icing Demerara  Natural Brown  • Fair Trade For Drinks Etc
• Free Flowing Sugar  • Organic Sweeteners  • Sugars meeting Pharmacopeias

Coffee:  Green bean/ Specialty// Instant coffee, Freeze dried/ Spray dried/ Agglomerated// Mysore
Nuggets,  EB/ Brand Mild  Coffee Plantation AA/ Arabica Plantation (Washed) Plantation A/
Plantation PB/  Plantation B/  Plantation C/  Arabica Cherry (Unwashed) Arabica Cherry AB/  
Arabica Cherry PB/ Arabica Cherry Robusta Coffee: Robusta Parchment AB (Washed) Robusta
Cherry AB (Unwashed)/ Allana Royal Robusta CH AA/ Robusta Parchment PB & Robust Cherry
PB/ Robusta Parchment C & Robusta  Cherry C/ Monsoon Malabar AA/ Monsoon Robusta AA

•   Orthodox ( leaf ) tea Darjeeling,  Broken Tea, Fannings and Dust. Fruit and Herbal – CTC
(granular) tea
•    Green Tea - Assam/ Ceylon/ Kenya // Oolong tea.
•   Tea Bags- Tea Blend, Green Tea, Custom Blended

Fertilizer Chemicals of Ammonia, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphate, Sodium, DAP, UREA etc.

Specialty Chemicals Insecticides , Herbicides, Fungicides, Crop Care, Sugar Manufacture, Bio-
Crop Nutrient Products, Crop Protection: Insecticides, Fungicides,
Herbicides, Plant
Genetics & Biotechnology, Plant Growth Regulators, Seed Treatment, Urban

Plant and Machinery:  Tractors, Loaders, Tillage,  Planting,  Harvesting, Equipment, Sugar Plants

Agro Machinery
New Equipment
Tractors And Loaders
4WD/Track Tractors (370 – 620 Engine HP), Row Crop Tractors (140 – 400
Engine HP), Specialty Tractors (75 – 155 Engine HP), Utility Tractors (22.4 –
140 Engine HP)
Loaders, Scraper Systems
Crop Care
Application Equipment, Cutters and Shredders, Tillage,  Seeding,  Planting,  
Harvesting, Hay and Forage Equipment, Sprayers
Certified Pre-Owned Agriculture ,
Bunker and Field Rakes,  Cutters and Shredders, Cutters, Shredders &
Forks & Spears, Log Forks & Grapples, Equipment, Rakes & Tillers, Planers,
Scrapers, Sprayers, Tracked Feller Bunchers, Wheeled Feller Bunchers, Swing
Equipment-  Frontier Landscape, Seeding, Planting, Tillage,  Snow Removal,
Harvesting Equipment – Rotary Cutters, Rotary Harvesting Heads , Pull-Type
Forage,  Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters , Tracked Harvesters, Wheeled
Hay and Forage, Handling,  Harvesting,  Mowing,  Raking, Tedding,  
Equipment, Hay and Baling,   Hay Mergers
Commercial Hay and Forage, Mowers,  Walk Behind Mowers,  Zero Turn
Mowers,  Flail Mowers and Shredders
Mowers- Disc, Fairway, Front and Wide Area , Grooming,  Reel,  Riding
Greens,  Rough Trim and Surround,  Walk Greens Mowers
Sugar Mc
Complete Sugar Factory  from sugar beets, with a daily capacity of 2.000 tons of
raw material.

Systems for  Fertilizer and Pesticide Automation, Irrigation Control, Yield monitoring and Sugar

IT services and Integrated Engineering Solutions for Retail, Trade and Risk Management

For Food and Grocery
Solutions cover to
•        Ensure that there are no stock-outs, and at the same time minimize inventory holding costs
•        Provide optimal assortment mix that is localized to stores
•        Achieve accurate demand forecasting and category specific allocation and replenishment
mechanisms to handle
categories based on the product lifecycle and shelf- life
•        Minimize shrinkage and ensure freshness of the perishable items
•        focus on the entire retail value chain that comprises merchandizing, supply chain, store
operations, multi-
channel, marketing and sales through
•        merchandise selection, value, convenience, in-store experience and customer relationships.

Management Systems  with Services for Trading and Risk Management
Engineering and Construction Services for Sugar Projects, Contract R&D and Manufacture

•    Early Engineering services, Feasibility Studies, Front End Engineering
Design (FEED) , Engineering package, Engineering design contracts, Process
Design, Detailed Engineering,
•        EPC contract – Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning
•        (EPCC) Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
•        EPCM contract , Lump Surn key (LSTK) contractors

Production Services: Support, management, and consulting services

Project   Management services; Project management consultant (PMC), Project
management services

Construction: Site Preparation & Civil Works, Fabrication, Installation of
equipment, Mechanical work, Pipe Lines, Process Units, Utilities
Construction of Sugar Projects,

The above Agro- products are  part of Supply Chain to Super Markets and  Food
Retailers, Traders across the world

If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their
Products, they should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for
SRITECS to send their offer.

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