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Chemicals, Plant &Equipment,  Machinery, Automation, Manufacturing, Process
Control and Management Systems

Automobile Original Equipment  for these Global Brands as Manufactured in India and Global

Original Equipment and assemblies Manufactured in India and Overseas for  
162  Global Vehicles and Engine manufacturers as follows:

Action Construction Equipment, Allwyn Nissan, AMC, Ashok Leyland, Asia Motor , Atlet, Audi,
Australian Trailer Industry,  Austin,  Bajaj Tempo, Bedford, Bell Equipment, BEML, Birla Power,
BT, BMC, BMW,  British Leyland, Buick, Cadillac,  Case,  CAT, certia Motors,  Citroen, CNH,
Cummins, Daewoo, DAF, Daimler Chrysler, Datsun, DCM- Toyota, DFM, Dodge, Doosan
Infracore, Eicher,  Escorts, Ferrari, Fiat,  Force,  Ford, Freightliner, Ford, Gigant, Gladiator,
Global Auto Xenetic,  GM,  Great Dane Greeves ,  Harley-Davidson,, Hero MotoCorp, HINO, HM ,
HMSI, HMT, Honda, Honda Power Products, Honda SIEL, Husqvarna Motorcycles,  Hyundai,
ICML,  Indital,  Ingresoll Rand,  International Tractors, Isuzu, Iveco,  Jaguar,  JCBL Motor, JCB,  
Jeep, John Deere, Jungheinrich, Kamaz,  Kato, Kawasaki,Kerala Agro (KAMCO),  Kia,
Kinetic Motors,  Kirloskar, Kogel, Komatsu, Lada, Lancia, Land Rover, Lipe, Lombardini, L&T,  
Mac Trucks,  Mahindra & Mahindra, Mahindra Navistar,M.A.N.  Man Force , Maruti- Suzuki,
Mazda, Mega Motors, Mercedes Benz, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, New Holland, Nissan,  
Oldsmobile, Opel,  Paccar, Perkins, Peugeot, Piaggio, PL Haulers, Plymouth, Polaris, Pontiac,  
Porsche, Proton, Premier- Fiat , Punjab Tractors Ltd.,  Renault Rover,  Renault, Royal Enfield,
Rolls Royce , Saab, Saic,  SAME Tractors. Scania,  Schmitz Carcobull, Scherdel, Scooters
India,  SEAT, Simpson, Sipani, Skoda, SML Isuzu, Sona Koya steering, Sonelica, Spicer,
Standard Tractors Ltd., Studebaker Subaru, Suzuki, Suzuki Power train, , Swaraj  Mazda,
TAFE, Tatra Udhyog Tatra Vectra,  Tata Motors, TCM,Toyota, TVS Motors,
Tractors and Farm Equipment   USB,  Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur.  Volvo, Volvo Eicher
Volkswagon,  WABCO, Yamaha, Zepro, Zetor

Original Equipment Assembles, Components and Systems

•        Axle Differentials
•        CV Joints
•        Multi-Piece Propeller Shafts
•        Propeller Shafts
•        Power Transfer Units
•        Rear Beam Axles and Axle systems
•        Front Axles, Assemblies
•        Independent Rear Drive Axle (IRDA
•        Torque Transfer Device (TTD)
•        Electronic Control Coupling (ECC)
•        Electronic Stabilizer System,  
•        Wheel Speed Sensors,
•        RWD/FWD/AWD- 2 WD/4 W/D
Ring Gear Diameter150mm/5.9” to 368mm/14.5” Banjo

Body  and Chassis  Related Products
•        Door  latches , Door frames,  Door handles
•        Power sliding door systems, Power back door systems
•        Sunroofs
•        Power seats
•        Occupant weight sensors
•        Automotive Fasteners

Brakes-  Automobile Brakes, Motorcycle Brakes

Front  and Rear Brakes, Callipers, Drum Brakes Actuation Brakes with self setting Brake
adjusters, Hydraulic Brakes, Booster and Master Cylinders      

•        Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Brake Linings
•        Brake booster and master cylinders
•        Disc brakes,  Disc Break Pads,
•        Drum brakes Drum Sizes - 180mm x 30.0mm (L/T), 180mm x 35.0mm (L/T), 200mm x 38.0
mm (L/T), 279mm x 50.8mm (L/T), 279mm x 50.8mm (2L), 168mm x 30.0mm (D/S)
•        Front Calipers- Cylinder Bore Sizes : 48, 51 & 54 mm (13” & 14”),
•        Pad Materials : NAO & Low steel non-asbestos
•        Types : Collete & Collete reverse types (CL & CR Type Rear Calipers-
Cylinder Bore Sizes : 30 & 34 mm, Pad Materials - NAO & NAO & Low steel non-asbestos,
Types - Drum in Hat (DIH), Parking Integrated Caliper (PIC)

•        Actuation Brakes- Booster & Master Cylinders, Booster Sizes : 7", 8", 9" & 10", Booster
Ratios : 4:1, 5:1, 6:1 & 7:1,
•        Master Cylinder Sizes : 20.64, 22.22 & 25.4mm, Master Cylinder Types : AS/AS, AS/TC &
•        Hydraulic Brakes
•        Wheel Ends
•        Stack Adjusters,
•        Brake adjusters- Manual, Self setting Automatic
•        Advance Braking, Stability Control
•        Antilock brake systems (ABSs)
•        Collision Systems
•        Electronic stability controls (ESCs)

Brake Components

Clutches- Single /Dual / Double Clutches, ,  Asbestos Free Unlined- Silent Clutch , Single & Multi
Stage, Self Alignment , 3,4,6 Pedal, Bonded & Rigid  Discs- 155- 430mm d

Single Cone, Multi Cone Synchroniser Rings-
Clutches and Components
1)     Tractor, HCV, LCV, CAR & Jeep Range for Domestic
2)     Angle Spring Spicer Range
3)     Heavy Duty   European Range (Cover Assy.)
4)     Heavy Duty   European Range (Disc Assy.)
5)     Tractor Range (MF & Various Application)
6)     BEML Range
7)     Kits for Automotive American Range
8)     Automotive Cover & Disc Assemblies.

Drive Train Related Products
•        Automatic transmissions (ATs)
•        Manual transmissions (MTs)
•        Automated Manual transmissions
•        Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs)
•        Hybrid systems
•        Drive Lines
•        Transfer Cases
•        Clutch discs
•        Clutch covers

Front Drive, Front Non Drive, Rear Single, Rear Tandem, Rear Tridem, Hub Reduction

•        Engine Components- EURO- III, EURO- IV,
•        Valve Train, Pistons-
•        Engine Valves – Stem Dia 4.5- 15mm, Head Dia 18- 65mm, Length 65- 195mm
•        Valve Guides – Outer dia 10-30mm, Bore Dia 4- 14mm, Length 26- 140mm,
•        Mechanical Tappets- outer dia 14-35mm, Length- 45- 100mm,  
•        PISTONS: ø35mm to 130mm (Including Ring Carrier (Alfin Type), (Eutectic & Hyper
Eutectic Alloys)
•         PINS : ø10mm to 45mm
•         Rings – Cast iron, IKA, Tuff ‘B’ Alloy, Nodular (Ductile) Cast Iron(KV1) : ø35mm to130mm
Axial Width:0.8 to 3mm Steel Rings ø35mm to 130mm, Axial Width:0.8 to 2mm
•        Ring Carrier ,Twin Ring Carrier, Oil Rings , Turbocharger rings
•        Cooling Gallery Types,
•        Oil pumps , Water pumps
•        Intake manifolds,
•        Exhaust manifolds
•        Variable valve timings (VVTs)
•        Condenser cum Oil Separator

Engine Cooling Components:  Radiators, Visco Fan, Condensers

Power train Components- Sealings, Bearings, Power Cylinder Systems,  
Transmission / Transfer Case Components, Intake Manifolds, Oil Pans, Bell Housings,
PTU Shafts, Precision Forgings


Electric power steering systems – Column Type  EPS, Pinion Type EPS, Rack Direct- drive type
EPS, Electric Variation- gear- ratio Steering
Rack& Pinion type Normal Hydraulic Power Steering
Electronically Controlled hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic Electric  power steering systems with motor-driven pump-
Hydraulic Power Steering
Ball Screw type Hydraulic Power steering
Integral hydraulic Power Steering Gears for Heavy Commercial vehicles.
Integral hydraulic Power Steering Gears for Medium and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Power Steering Pumps
Power steering for Heavy commercial Vehicles,
Power Rack and Pinion Steering System,
Power Re-circulating Ball Screw Steering System
Electrical Power Steering Systems
Power steering gears for SUV and off road vehicles.
Power Rack and Pinion Steering  system for Passanger Car.  

Vane pumps. Oil   reservoirs. Steering   columns. Drop arms. Intermediate  shafts. Universal
joints.  Bevel gear boxes.
Worm and  roller mechanical Steering systems for Tractor and Light Commercial Vehicles and
all accessories for the same.

Mechanical Rack and Pinion Steering System for One Toner Passenger and Goods Carrier.
Mechanical Steering Gear
Manual Rack and Pinion Steering System
Manual Re-circulating Ball Screw Steering System

Rigid Type Collapsible Column Assembly, Tilting and Collapsible Column Assembly
Steering Columns, Constant velocity Joint,  Inner Shaft, Yoke Pin and Shaft, Yoke Ball Vee
Flange Assembly,  Power coupling, Yoke Body, Splined Connector Intermediate shafts,

•         Front struts- Rod Sizes : Ø18, Ø20, Ø22 & Ø25mm, Tube Sizes : Ø30, Ø32 & Ø35mm,
Base Shell Sizes : Ø48.6, Ø50.8 & Ø54mm
•        Suspension Systems
•        Shock Absorber –
•        Rear Shock absorbers-   Rod Sizes : Ø10, Ø12.5, Ø16 , Ø20 & Ø25mm Tube Sizes : Ø20,
Ø25, Ø30, Ø40 & Ø50mm, Base Shell Sizes : Ø38.1, Ø45 , Ø63.5 & Ø74.7mm
•        Air Suspension
•        I-Ride  Suspension Module
•        Leveling Valves
•        Ride Sentry
•        Suspensions
•        Air suspension systems

Wheels  And Wheel Assemblies - Types
•        Tube and tubeless type applications.
•        Single, two and three piece wheels available.
•        Disc wheels and De mountable wheels.
•        Hub and stud piloted.
•        Multi piece 15”, 2”, 24” dia, 5.5 to 10”” W  sets
•        Wheels for Heavy Vehicles: (Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Tippers
•        (Passenger Cars, Mini Vans, SUV's & MUV's)
•        Wheels for Agricultural Applications (Tractors, Combines, Farm Equipments etc.)
•        Wheels for Off-Road Construction Equipments        
•        Wire Wheels (For Contemporary & Classic Cars, MUV's & SUV's)
•        Air Suspension
•        D - Diameter W - Width

Salisbury & Banjo design Axles, Ball Joints,  Rear Axle Assemblies,

Brake parts
Disc Brake Rotor, Hydraulic Brake Parts, Disc Brake Seal Kit,  Brake Shoe,  Brake Lining, Disc
Brake Pad Set

Engine Components
Engine Bearing Set,  Piston Ring Set,  Cylinder Liner & Unit, Engine Gasket, Belt Tensioner,
Timing Chain, Timing Belt,  Water Pump, Oil Pump, Oil Relief Valve, Check Valve, Oil Jet,
Rocker Arm & Shaft, Lash Adjuster, Valve Lifter, Valve Stem Seal,  Valve Guide,  Engine Valve,
Rubber Parts, Crank & Cam Gear, Timing Components, Fuel Pump, Carburettor Parts,
Carburetor & Fuel Pump, Filter Element, Fan Belt, Radiator Assembly, Art Piston Set,
Thermostat, Pressure Switch, Switch
Radiator Cap

Gaskets- Cylinder Head Gaskets, Exhaust Intake Gaskets, Secondary Gaskets, Heat& Acoustic

Steering Suspension Drive shaft
CVJoint Boots, Oil Seal, Power Steering Seal Kit, Bearing, Steering Joint Assembly & Spider Kit,
Steering & Suspension Parts
Hub Bolt & Nut, Universal Joint Kit, King Pin Kit, Trunnion & Other Bushes, Center Bearing &
Coupling, Shock Absorber
Power Steering Hose, Propeller Shaft Parts, Compact 2000 Series propeller shaft for heavy
commercial vehicles ranging from 25T to 49T. Outboard Joint Kit, Drive Shaft Assembly, Drive
Shaft Assy, Pinion & Ring Gear Set,  ball joints for steering systems and suspension
components, Cold Forged Steering Studs Propeller Shafts ,

Transmission Components-
Clutch Disc & Cover Assembly, Clutch Release Bearing, Clutch Facing, Synchronizer Ring,
Control Cable

Warm Forged Bevel Gears and Pinions, Clutch Driven Plates, Warm forged Synchronizer Rings ,
Tie Rod Ends, Universal Joints , Cold Forged Ball Studs , Cold Forged Case/Socket,
Sub-differential Assemblies, Cold Forged Spiders and Yokes , Knuckles

Die cast Parts- Oil Pump Assembly, Fuel System Parts, Lube oil Filter Heads, Exhaust Manifolds,
Turbine Housings, Center Housing, Back Plates, Crank Cases, Oil Pan, Intake Manifold covers,
Front Cover, Valve Cover, Side Cover, Balance Shafts Assembly, Gear Housing, Main Bearing
Caps, Water , Air Connections and Pressure Plates, Flywheel, Timing Cases, Oil Filter adaptor,
Engine Brackets, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Heads, Clutch Assembly, Automatic Transmission
Break Assembly, Differential Case Housing, Gear Shift forks, Wheel Hubs, Brake Panel
Assembly, Brake discs, Drums, Steering

Stamping Dies

Precision Machined Products
Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) Parts, Carburetors, Emission Control Products & Others, EMS
System Products Generator sets, Pumps, Oil Pump Assembly, Vacuum Pump Assembly, Fuel
Pumps, Water Pump Assembly, Machined Component High Pressure Die Casting Products

Precision Forged (net shaped) Bevel Gears, Differential Case Assemblies and Synchroniser
Driveshaft Spicer 10 series, Spicer life Series (SPL Series) & Compact Series

Glow Plug, Carbon Brush & Metal Bush, Spark Plug, Stop Light Switch, Temperature Sending
Unit & PCV Valve
Oil Gauge Unit, Starter Switch & Other Switches, Electrical Parts, Solenoid Switch, Voltage
Regulator, Plug Cord Set, Ignition Coil & Resistor, Vacuum Control, Antenna, Distributor
Assembly, Ignition Parts, Signal Switch, Starter & Alternator, Wiper Motor & Link Kit, Window

Beam Working Lamp, Hydraulic Jack,  Wiper Blade, Dc/Dc Converter, U-Bolt & Center Bolt, Coil

After Market Products
Engine Related Products , Gaskets
Accessories - Exterior , Interior , Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Axles, Battery & Accessories , Belts
& Hoses , Body & Trim
Brakes , Charging & Starting, Child restraint Systems, Cooling & Heating, Drive Shafts,  , Engine
Parts & Mounts, Exhaust , Filters & PCV Valves , Fuel & Emissions ,  Gaskets, Hardware &
Fasteners , Ignition & Tune-Up, Lighting & Electrical ,  Multi point Harness, Seat Belts, Shox,
Struts, Front Forks,
Suspension & Steering , Tire & Wheel , Tools & Equipment, Transmission & Transaxle , Truck
& Towing

Engineering Materials l Polymers and resins

Chemicals and additives for
•        Vehicle Protection System,
•        Exterior Treatments,
•        Interior Treatments,
•        Tyre Guard,
•        AC System Treatment,
•        Fuel System Treatment,
•        Engine Flushing& Additives,
•        Cooling System Treatment,
•        Engine Detailing and Coating,
•        Electromagnetic Rust protecs
•        Sealing Solutions
•        Bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing in automotive body and vehicle repair and
•        Friction Materials
•        Textile Products
•        Oil, Fluids & Chemicals, Performance
•        Grease
•        Brake Fluid
•        Waxes & Washes ,
•        Surface Coatings for
•        Pistons- Tin plating,  Graphite,  Molykoting,  Chrome Plating, Hard Anodising
•        Piston Rings, Gas Nitrading, Ferrite Coating, Hard Chrome Plating,  Composite Cr Plating,
Magnesium Phosphating, Zinc Phosphating,  Powder Vapor Deposition (PVD),  Moly Coating

Related Sections:  Machinery, Systems and Chemicals for this sector

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