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Coking and Thermal Coals, Bauxite, Copper Ore,  Iron Ore and Diamonds from  SRITECS

From Globally Established  and Diversified Mining Companies and sellers, SRITECS offers as Part of Supply Chain
and Under long Term Contracts, Coals for Industry and Power Plants and  as Fuel,  Ferro- Alloys, Minerals and
Ores for Steel and Metallurgical Plants,  Rough Diamonds and Gems for Jewelers and Trading Companies besides
Cement and Concretes for Construction Companies.  Details are as follows:

Minerals and  Ores

Coals and Coke
# Steam Coal : Quality: CV 4500- 6700Kcal/Kg-
Coking Coal- Quality: Low/ Medium/ High Volatile Coals as available
Metallurgical Coke: Quality: Ash Max.12%, M 40 min 75%, M10 Max 8%,S max 1%

#Bauxite: Al2O3 50-51.3%, Silica 4.0-4.3% LOI 27.59- 29%

Alumina : 99.59%Purity-

# Chromite Ore: Chrome Content – 32%-38%, 39%- 41%, 42%, 43%-46%, Over 50% Cr2O3

Copper Ore

Iron Ore Fines : FeO- 63.5%, 64.0%, 64.5%, SiO2  3.5% max.

Lead Concentrates Pb 68-72%,

Manganese  Ore- Purity 42% and up,

Zinc Ore Concentrate - Zn 3-6%,

Ferro Alloys
FeCr (Extra Low, Low & High Carbon), FeSi 65%, 75%, briquettes,
Silicon Manganese (Low, Medium & High Carbon),
FeMn (Low, Medium & High Carbon),

Diamonds and Gems

§ DIAMONDS   -  Rough and Polished Diamonds: Colors D- J- Clarity SI/ VS1, VVS1, VVs2

Rough diamonds : Average Sizes:  2.6 carats to 10.8 Carats  with appropriate characteristics -
Sawable, Sawable Low, Makeable, Makeable Fancy, clevage, Clevage low, Rejections Boart, run of mine-

§ Cut, Worked  and Polished Diamonds  Cut sizes- 0.05CTS to 2CTS-

Gem Grade Diamonds- Cartage 4 to 100+, Colors Blue /White, Yellow, White, Sea Blue/White, Greenish,
Orange/Yellow, Candle  Color, Coffee
Gems and Precious stones

Cement  Clinker and Clinker
CEMENT   32.5/ 42.5/ 52.5 Grades to British Standards 12/1996 or  ASTM C-150 I or SABS Certificate
Blast Furnace Slag, Fly Ash, Oil well, Sulphate Resistant, and White Cements  
Cement Clinker

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If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their Products, they
should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for SRITECS to send their offer.

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