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&Equipment,  Machinery, Automation, Manufacturing, Process Control and Management Systems
Fabrics and Textiles to Standards, with  120+ Industry Top Customer Base Denim, Cotton, Wool, Acrylic,  
Viscose,  Polyester +Acrylic+ Viscose,  Lycra - blended Yarn,

Fabrics and Textiles from SRITECS
Executive Summary
•        Fabrics and Textiles to Standards, with  120+ Industry Top Customer Base Denim, Cotton, Wool,
Acrylic,  Viscose,  Polyester +Acrylic+ Viscose,  Lycra - blended Yarn,
•        Textile Fibers and  Yarn : 100+ varieties of Fibers  and Yarn, Polyester Staple Fibre, Acrylic, Denim,
Synthetic for Automobiles, Home Furnishing Yarns, Synthetic/ Blended Yarns, Sheeting Yarns, POY,
Military Yarns
•        Textile Chemicals for Cotton, Blended, Cellulosic Fibres, Wool,  polyamide, silk polyester;
•        Textile Machinery- OE Spinning Ring Spinning Acrylic Fiber, Polyester Fiber,  Polypropylene, Bag
Making,  Comforter, Sewing Thread Plants, Continuous Filament, POY Filament Spinning Lines,
Polypropylene Fiber, Monofilament, Tape, Staple Fiber,  Felt Extrusion,  Carpet Yarn Manufacturing,
•        Engineering and Construction Services for Textile Projects, Contract Manufacturing and R&D for
•        Textile Mill Systems,  
•        IT Services and Solutions for Fabrics and Textile Retail

SRITECS  offers  Fabrics and Textiles from India  an Other Countries for Your Imports and
Exports across the world. Currently World Reputed   Garment Makers and Textile Mills Buy these
products for their  Global Sales. Customer Base of the Manufacturers, Product Specifications,
Range, Annual Capacities and certifications are  as follows:

Fabrics and Textiles:
Some Renowned Buyers for Fabrics :
Abercrombie & Fitch, Ahead golf, Allen Solly, Alexander Julian,  Andrew Sportswear,  Ann Taylor, Arcadia Group,  
Armand Thiery,  Arrow, Arvind Brands,  Asics,  Atlantic Bay, Attitude,  Avids Sportswear,  Aureus Copley,  
BananaRepublic, Bella, Benetton,Bill Blass, Brice,  B.T.C.,  Burton,  Byford, Campanita, Canvas, Capital Mercury,  
Capri SarlL Carli Gry,  Colour image apparel inc, Color Plus, Copley,  Cora Non Alientire,  Cotton Field,
Dabenhams Maine, Debenhams, Diesel, Docker's Golf,  Dupont, ESPRIT, FCUK, Fila, Fiona Services, Flying
Machine, Gaastra,   GAP, Gary player, Gilbert,  Grotto Gas,Gymboree, Heritage cross, Huntigton,  IC company as,  
Intimo,  ITC, Influx,  Intimo,  Ivy Crew,  Jackpot, J Crew, J.G Clothing, John Player, Joman,  Kate lord,  Killer,
Kirkland, K-Swiss, Lee, Levies, Levi Strauss, Linea Donna,Linea Uomo, Liz Clairborne,(US), Louis Philippe,
Madura Garments,  Marks and Spencer, Massimo Dutti,  McNeil, The Menswarehouse,  Mexinde,  Meximundo,
Mexx,  Mini Phoos,  Moores Canada, M.T.V, Nasse, Newport, Oman Textiles,  The ONE,  Park Avenue,  Parx ,
Pearl,  Peeks & Cloppenburg,  PGA Golf,  Pierre Cardin,  Polo  Ralph Lauren, Proline, Pull & Bear, Reebok,  Roc
apparels, Rocawear, Robert Stock,  Ruggers, Shoppers Stop,  Smart Way,  S.Olive,  Southpole,  Stop!, Today's Men,
Trait, Trents,  Twinhill,  Van Heusen, VF Corporation VH Sports,  Wales & Mackenly,  Westside,  Wicked fashions,
Wothvaley, Wrangler, Zara,

Fibres: Acrylic, Denim, Synthetic and Blended  for Automobiles, Home Furnishing, Denim, Textiles and Fabrics

Certifications: Calvin Denim are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OEKOTEX 100, GOTS, Organic exchange
standard, FLO for fair trade and Lycra

Apparel Fabrics
Product Range: Twills, Voiles, Cambrics, Poplins, Lycra Poplins, Gabardines, Jacquard, Satins, Matte,Canvases,
Buta dobby, Lawn, Yarn dyed etc
Finishes: Microsanded,Water/Oil/soil Release, Easy care, Calendered, Chintz, Wicking, Wrinkle free, Anti Bacterial,
Stain Free, Odour Free, Fire Resistant, Brushed etc
Quality- Oeko Tex Standard 100/ GOTS/ OE 100/ ECO Cert/ FLO/


Shirting fabric
•        Products include fabrics with non-iron properties, mechanical finishes, printed fabrics apart from the cotton
and cotton blends in Linen, Lycra, Polyester, Modal, Silk etc. with varieties in yarn dyeds and solids. very light
weight indigo dyed fabrics in yarn dyed and solids for top weights and spinning lycra and super fine yarn up to 170’s
•        Count range of 40s to 150s in single count and 80/2 to 200/2 in 2 ply premium counts.
Ffinishes such as wrinkle free, bio-polish, and crease resistance in whites, solids, yarn-dyed, dobbies, structured etc in
100 per cent cotton, cotton blends, and linen.
•        Luxury line of suiting in the count range of 40s to 4/100s and offered in whites, solids, yarn dyeds with special
weaves and designs.
•        products -- poplins, cambrics, lawns, twills, mulls, voiles, dobbies and slubbed dress,  in various counts ranging
from 40s to 150s in single and doubles. Fibers such as modal, tencel, excel and viscose.

Denim- regular light, medium and heavy weight denims,  in various shades of indigo,
sulphur, yarn-dyeds, in 100% cotton and various blends. category include ring denim, indigo voiles, organic denim, bi-
stretch denim and fair trade certified denim.

Apparel Fabrics-
•        Knits- knitted  fabrics  for knitted garments for men, ladies and children.
•        Knits- annual knitting capacity of 10,000 tons. (jersey, pique, rib, and interlock), process both tubular and open-
width fabric and finishes like mercerization, singing and various forms of brushing and peaching.
Product Range- Knitted Fabrics- single Jersey, Interlocks, rib, Terry, Pique, Pointelle, Velour & Fleese, Jacquards
(sj& interlock), Autostripers( Sj& Rib), Transfer Jacquards
Fibre Specs: 100% Cotton & various cotton Blends( cotton, modal, Polyester cotton etc), Viscose, Modal, Tencel,
Polyester, Cotton Spandex, Viscose Spandax, Cotton lurex, Polyester Viscose
Special Finishes- Mercerizing, peaching& brushing, Various Nano finishes like Antimicrobial, UV finishes, Wicking,
Water & Stain Resistant, Neutralizer finishes, Fire Retarding Fabrics( Protex Based) etc
Quality Certifications: Oeko Tex standard 1oo/ GOTs/ OE 100/ ECO Cert/ FLO

Workwear Fabrics
Product Range- Flame retardant Treated^ inherent, High Visibility, Chemical Splash, Oil Resistant, Antibacterial
finish, IRR finish, Mosquito repellent, Teflon Coated, Fabric for Combat Uniforms, Antistatic finish, UV protection,
Cool comfort finish
Fibre Specs: 100% cotton, Polyester/cotton, Cotton/Nylon, aramid/Viscose FR. Mod acrylic, Steel fiber, Carbon fibre
Quality Certification: OEKO Tex Standard 100/ OE 100/ GOTS/ ECO Cert/ EU Flower, swan cert
Quality standards- EN 470/ EN 531/ EN 533/ EN 61482 1-2/ ENV 50354 class 1/ EN 1149-5-3/ EN 471/ EN 343 3/3/
Nano cert/ NFPA 1975, 1977, 70 E/

Khaki: in the variants of 100% Cotton, Cotton Rich Polyester Blend,
Cotton Lycra, Cotton Tencel, Cotton Linen, etc products in this range include Chinos, Canvas, Ribstop, HBT,
Tussore, Cavalry, Structures and Dobbies.
Certified by OEKO TEX, Lycra, Teflon. Laboratory accredited by Marks and Spencers, Next, Dupont, Levi’s,
Product Range: Schilffi and Multihead Computerised embroidery on all kinds of woven, Non woven, knitted
Garments and Lacs
Fabric Specs: All types of Woven, Knitted and non wovens

Home Textiles-
•        Bed Linen- sheeting fabrics,
Product Range: Sheet sets, Duvet, Comforters, Blankets, Quilts, Bed in Bag, Curtains( Thread count 150-1000),
width upto 300cm, in Solids, Dobbles, Jacquards, Printed, Embroidered, Yarn Dyed etc
Fibre: Conventional Cotton, Organic Cotton and Cotton Blends
Special finishes: Wrinkle free( Thermo MXL), Nano Technology, Insect repellent,  Soil Release, Stain Resistance,
Water repellent, Stain defender, Ice touch, Antibacterial, Coolest comfort wrinkle free etc
Quality Certifications: OEKO Tex standard 100/ SWAN/ GOTS/ EU Flower/ OE 100/ FLO
The home textiles-  Sheet sets/pillow cases, Duvet sets/shams, Decorative pillows,  Bed skirts
Thread count – Satins- TC 200 to TC 1000, Percale- TC 180 to TC 400, Stripes- TC 300 to TC 700, Dobbies- TC 300
to TC 600 with finishes such as MXL, ETI, easy care, easy iron, anti wrinkle, aroma, water repellant, anti bacterial.
Terry Towels- Product Range: Zero Twist, Cotton Modal, Sheared Towels, Yarn dyed sheared towels
Bath Robes

•        Cotton sarees, Silk Sarees – ,
•        Polyester fabrics mixed with Viscos, Rayon etc – Denim Fabrics
•        Woven Fabrics of not Silk
•        Dyed Polyester Fabrics-  
•         Denim of Yarns of different colours for mixed Fabrics

Textile Fibers and  Yarn : 100+ varieties of Fibers  and Yarn, Polyester Staple Fibre, Acrylic, Denim, Synthetic for
Automobiles, Home Furnishing Yarns, Synthetic/ Blended Yarns, Sheeting Yarns, POY, Military Yarns

# Fibers and Yarns

Cotton  and Blended yarn- Ring, Open ended
Ring Spun Yarn/ Blended Yarns
Combed Fine Count R/S Yarn
Modal / Blended Yarn
Soya / Blended Yarn
Slub Yarn
Core-Spun  Slub Yarn
Polyester / Blended YarnViscose / Blended Yarn
Compact & Eli-Twist Spun- cotton
Open-End (Rotor) Yarn
Open end Yarn
Zero Twist Yarn
Air-Rich/ Wrapper Yarn
TFO- (Ne2/10-2/140) TFO Doubled Yarn- cotton:
Dyed & Gas Mercerized Yarn
Gassed Yarn (Ne60/2- Ne 140/2)
Black Dope dyed Yarn
Polyester Staple Fibre:
Polyester Texturized Yarn-
Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)-
Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)-
VF Yarn: 40 - 1200 denier
Multi ply (twisted) yarns

Speciality Yarns
Synthetic/Blended Yarns
Synthetic/Specialty Yarns
Acrylic Yarn

Textile Chemicals for Cotton, Blended, Cellulosic Fibres, Wool,  polyamide, silk polyester;
Acrylic based synthetic polymer for sizing of a wide range of textile yarns
Additives, Adhesives  and Binders,Anti-microbials for  textiles Anti-slipping agents for textile finishing
Antistatic agents for textile processing
Bleaching auxiliaries, Care and Cleaning, Cracks and abrasion marks in dyeing
Cationic surfactants: Bleaching processors and stabilizers for textile wet processing
De-foaming agents for applications in textile wet processing
Dispersing agents dispersing and complexing agents for pre- treatment of textiles
Direct dyes for dyeing, Dyeing and Coloring, Robust dyeing system for dyeing and
printing wool, polyamide or silk with a high fastness standard, Acid dyes for dyeing and printing of polyamide
Acid dyes for dyeing wool or silk , Reactive dyes for dyeing wool and silk,  printing of cellulosic fibers, 1:2 metal
complex dyes for dyeing and printing of wool, polyamide and silkDisperse dyes for polyester fibers, polyester
automotive upholstery
fabrics,  polyester rapid dyeing, Reactive dyes for cellulosic fibers (High temperature, reactive and high
fastness type dyes) Reactive dyes for cellulosic fibers (Medium temperature reactive and  high fastness type dyes) ,
Vat dyes for dyeing and printing cellulosic fibers Double denomination of VICOL,
Easy-care finishes for textiles Enzymes for textile applications
Expert system for recipe prediction, quality control and recipes corrections for textile
printing and dyeing
Fibers, Films and Coatings, Flame retardant finishes for textiles Fungicidal finishes for textile applications
Highly effective detergents/washing agents for the pre-treatment of textiles
Levelling agents Lubricants, Lubricants to reduces creases, Moisture management agent for soft and hydrophilic
textile finishes Oil, water and soil repellent finishes for textile applications, Process Chemicals,
Sizes for textile applications, Sizes for a wide range of textile yarns Softeners for textile finishing
Stain removers for textile application Washing agents for improving fastness of textiles after dyeing
Wet fastness improvers for polyamide and silk dyeings wetting and penetration accelerants for textile wet processing
Wetting agents for pretreatment of textiles UV-absorbers for textiles

Textile Machinery- OE Spinning Ring Spinning Acrylic Fiber, Polyester Fiber,  Polypropylene, Bag Making,  
Comforter, Sewing Thread Plants, Continuous Filament, POY Filament Spinning Lines, Polypropylene Fiber,
Monofilament, Tape, Staple Fiber,  Felt Extrusion,  Carpet Yarn Manufacturing, Lines
Textile Machinery

Spinning Line consisting of: STERLING Extruder, 3.5" diameter, 27:1 L/D, 75 hp
Prico Spinning Plant For Polypropylene High Tenacity Two Positions Production Yarn Polypropylene High Tenacity
Gr /Den  7,5 From 200 Den To 1200 Den (High Quality For Technical Sector )

Reiter OE Spinning Plant - 2940 rotors - 2000 year

Reiter Ring Spinning Plant

Continuous Filament Lines (Barmag + Sahm) Complete With Winders, Year 1998  Quantity: 5
Polmatex-Cenaro Pp Fiber Line For The Production Of Cut And Colored Polypropylene Fibers With A Thickness Of
10 To 110 Dtex

Barmag Poy Filament Spinning Lines - Year 2003/2004  Nominal Denier Range: 75- 150 96 Thread Lines Each, 192
Total Production: 12 Tons/Day Each Line, Total 24  Tons/Day Plant Is Currently Stopped Quantity: 2

1 Monofilament / Tape Line, ~800 pph capacity.
Acrylic Fiber Plants 10,000 ton/yr – technology based on polymerization reaction
with redox system catalization in suspension, utilizing the wet spinning system. Built
Polyester Fiber Plant, 50,000 MTPY

1 STARLINGER / SULZER Bag Making Plant, consisting of:

1 Comforter Manufacturing Plant,

Complete Sewing Thread Plant with: 2        RATTI 2/1 Double deck twisters Type R
326 N CUI 2002 year

Engineering and Construction Services for Textile Projects, Contract Manufacturing and R&D for Textiles
Production Services: Support, management, and consulting services
Project   Management services; Project management consultant (PMC), Project
management services

Construction: Site Preparation & Civil Works, Fabrication, Installation of equipment, Mechanical work, Pipe Lines,
Process Units, Utilities  Construction of Textile Projects,

Textile Mill Systems,  
IT Services and Solutions for Fabrics and Textile Retail

For Fashion and Apparel Retail
Solutions cover
•        Improve speed-to-market in order to keep pace with the latest trends by putting the  right product on the
shelves at the right time, •        Create supply chain transparency,  Reduce shrinkage   Lower inventory costs

If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their Products, they
should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for SRITECS to send their offer.

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