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Well Maintained Used Garment and Textile Plant and Machinery from

From Established  Sellers of  Proven Reputation for Quality of the Units offered
Used Plant and Machinery of World Famous  Machinery Manufacturers, taken
out or still in use  between 2005 and 2015 years are offered by SRITECS for
replacement, Rehabilitation and Plant expansion for different Sectors of
Industry and Engineering services to assist  as follows;

    Garment Mc
    Circular Knitting Machines For Socks - Women - Men - Child P / C Production
    Medical Artifacts
    Fabric: Shaping Pantyhose, Shaping Pantyhose Made With Natural Fibres, Plain
    Mesh, Plain Fabric Mesh,
    Pattern: Patterned, Derby, Links, Links Jacquard 2-3 Colours, Jacquard, Jacquard
    Baguette, Bikini
    Number Of Cylinders; 1 Or 2
    Number Of Feeds- 1, 2, 3, 4
    GOAL , GK544HDC88X,  E132HXDC88X, E133HXDC88X,  E136HXDC88X,  
    E1320XDC88X,  E1330XDC88X,  E1360XDC88X,  E1360X3DC88X,  E1420XDC88X,  
    E142HXDC88X,  E1430XDC88X,  E136HX3DC88X,  E1520XDC88X,  
    E152HXDC88X,  E143HXDC88X,  E153HXDC88X,  E156HXDC88X,  
    E1460X3DC88X , E1560X3DC88X,  E1530XDC88X,  E1460XDC88X ,
    E1560XGOAL,  GK616DFGOAL,  GK715 0DC88X,  E146HXDC88X,  
    E146HX3DC88X,  E156HX3GOAL,  GK516DGOAL,  GK516DFGOAL,  GK516
    0GOAL,  GK615 0GOAL,  GK516SGOAL,  GK525 0GOAL,  GK525SGOAL,  
    GK516HGOAL,  GK516FGOAL,  GK515FGOAL,  GK615FGOAL,  
    GK525FGOAL,  GK525HGOAL,  GK515HGOAL,  GK523F,

    Banding Sewing Machine  Multi-Needle Kansai DFB-1409P, DFB-14120,  DFB-
    1412P,  F4412P1UTC, FBX-1104,  Pegasus W562-016B, Rimoldi 264-114EL-01,  264-
    389ML-01,  264-114ML-18, 264-42-2LM-15,  264-424LM-16,  264-42-4LM-24
    Singer 302-U201A, 302-U2DA,  Taiko TK-6504, Union Special W-188
    Bartack Sewing Machine  Brother LK3-B46,  Juki LK-1852 ,   LK-1900HS
    Belt loop Sewing Machine Double Needle Brother FD4-B271,  FD4-B271-0U2-5 Juki
    Button Hole Sewing Machine: 1 - C-200, Brother CB3-B913-2 , CB3-B917-51A,  
    Programmable DH4-B980-02,  Juki MB-372,  Reece 104
    Chain Stitch Sewing Machine  Union Special 51300BR, 51300, 51300BV,  51300BX ,
    51300G, 56500J Cover Stitch Sewing Machine  Automatic Cylinder Kansai MZ-
    Cover Stitch Special Sewing Machine  Juki MF-890,  Kansan F-44-3
    Cover Stitch Sewing Machine   Pegasus w264-21ABX100 Small Cylinder Bed,
    Pegasus w664-01GB Small Cylinder Bed, 3 Needle, 5 Thread -
    Cover Sewing Machine  Double Needle Pegasus W562-01CB,  Rimoldi 268002MD31,  
    Siruba Serger F007, Taiko, TK-800F
    Cover Stitch Sewing Machine  Triple Needle Pegasus W562-01CB,  Rimoldi 264-00-
    3LA-01,  264-00-3LA-03,  264-00-3Lk-02,  Rimoldi 264-0021
    Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine  Juki LBH-763,  Reece S2-BH 101-019AFCA,
    Fell Seam Sewing Machine Brother DT6-B928-8 Needle Fell Seam Sewing Machine
    Brother DT6-B928-8 3- Rimoldi 184-003MLA 3-Needle Union Standard 35800DN,
    Union Special 35800DQ , 35800DRU9
    Hemming Sewing Machine Automatic Leg Brother DB3-B776-705,  Singer 591-
    V300BAW,  Union Special 63900AM
    Hemming Pocket 5-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine Brother MA4-V61-92-6,  
    Hemming Pocket Four Thread Sewing Machine  Rimoldi 264-00-3LH-01
    Hemming Sewing Machine  Pegasus W264-21ABX100 Single Needle Leg
    Loop Sewing Machine Automatic Set:  Brother BAS-70, 5 Juki LK-1952 , LK-1960
    Pocket Setting Sewing Machine- Automatic Brother BAS-760
    Tacking Sewing Machine  Lewis 160-20
    Thread Overlock Sewing Machine Brother EF4V122-5 5,  Columbia 600-3 3-Thread,  
    Juki 1516-E 4-,  MO-1516H 5- MO-3916 5-, - Pegasus 515-4-355 5, 515-451,  515-4-
    51 5-, 516-4-26 5, 516-4-52 5, EX3216-04,  EX3216-04 5-, E32-452 4-, M-600 5-, M-
    632-86 5-, M-652-2605 5-, M-732-86 5-, M-EX3216-04 5-, Rimoldi F29-FS-3MD-BE
    5- Siruba Serger 516X2-26 5- Union Special 39500CRU 4- Wilcox & Gibbs 516-426,  
    Yamato AZ8600H 5- DCZ-203-D3 5-, Z610 5-,  Z8600H 5,  Programmable Yamato
    Waist Band Sewing Machine Automatic Finish Brother LK3-B434EX-12
    Welt Pocket Sewing Machine: Brother BAS-610A,  Juki LH-529

    Single Needle Sewing Machine Brother DB2-B737-413, DB2-B737-415, DB2-B737-
    415A, DB2-B737-935, Japsew J-200, Juki DDL-555-5,  DLN-5410-6, DDL-5550-6,
    LH-1152-5,  Rimoldi 264-003LA03
    Double Needle Sewing Machine 3 Brother LT2-B872-5,  2335,  Kensew, C412-140,  
    Rimoldi 268002LA34 268002LA35,
    Programmable Double Needle Sewing Machine: Brother LT2-B872-405, DB2-B737-
    413, DB2B737-415 LT2-B872-705 , LT2-B832-705A,  LT2-B875-907, LT2-B875-907S
    Programmable Double Needle 1/8 Lockstitch Sewing Machine LT2-B872-905
    Programmable Multi-Use Single Needle Sewing Machine: Brother BAS-311A-101,
    111 BAS-311EL-1, 21 BAS-311F-01A,

    3        Sewing Machine        PUGI Knit Sewing Machines with plaiter lockout.         
    1        Sewing Machine        YAMOTO Model AZ 8403 04DA Sewing Machine, 3
    16        Sewing Machines        BROTHER Sewing Machines, DB2, 722x and 791
    5        Sewing Machines        SINGER Sewing Machines, Model 107W3002


    Air Compressor  Rotary Screw Sullair 10-25 25 hp
    Burning Table  Silk Screen Millington VF-DP 82" W x 62" D
    Dryer Gas M&R Sprint 2000 SD2000-38-08 42"
    Dryer Refrigerated Air:  Deltech Pyramid 2000 P550A, Ingersoll Rand DXR-100
    Fabric Cutters  Straight Knife Eastman Brute 627
    Fabric Laser  Tonello Giotto Denim 200W
    Format Pattern Plotters  Gerber AccuPlot 320 Wide
    Fusing Machine:   1 - Bond Tex GOL-40 40"
    Printer Thermal Paxar 636
    Screen Machine Rotary Silk: 1 - 8-Arm
    Steam Press Automatic Pant Hoffman HT-805, Manual Utility Garment Steam Press  
    Hoffman XC0-5 42",  Malavasi MT-94 Automatic Leg Seam Opening Steam Press
    Transfer Press  Thermal Insta Graphic Systems 728

    Textile Machinery

    Spinning Line consisting of: STERLING Extruder, 3.5" diameter, 27:1 L/D, 75 hp
    with Eurotherm drive. BOULIGNY Dow Therm Expansion Tank with heater rods.
    BOULIGNY Spin Beam, 12 position. To include 3 sets of spin packs and spinnerets as
    available. BOULIGNY Quench Cabinets and tubes. No controls but will include a
    cabinet for use in making a master console.Complete Open End Spinning Plant – 1560


    Prico Spinning Plant For Polypropylene High Tenacity Two Positions Production
    Yarn Polypropylene High Tenacity Gr /Den  7,5 From 200 Den To 1200 Den (High
    Quality For Technical Sector )

    Rieter OE Spinning Plant - 2940 rotors - 2000 year

    Rieter Ring Spinning Plant

    Continuous Filament Lines (Barmag + Sahm) Complete With Winders, Year 1998  
    Quantity: 5
    Polmatex-Cenaro Pp Fiber Line For The Production Of Cut
    And Colored Polypropylene Fibers With A Thickness Of 10 To 110 Dtex

    Barmag Poy Filament Spinning Lines - Year 2003/2004  Nominal Denier Range: 75-
    150 96 Thread Lines Each, 192 Total Production: 12 Tons/Day Each Line, Total 24
    Tons/Day Plant Is Currently Stopped
    Quantity: 2

    1 Monofilament / Tape Line, ~800 pph capacity.
    The extrusion line is a 4.5" extruder equipped with Red Oak monofilament dies.
    Davis Standard Extruder, 4.5" dia, 30/1 LD, 150 hp DC. Maquire Gravimetric
    Blender / Dosing unit.

    Acrylic Fiber Plants 10,000 ton/yr – technology based on polymerization reaction
    with redox system catalization in suspension, utilizing the wet spinning system. Built
    Polyester Fiber Plant, 50,000 MTPY
    Unused polyester fiber plant capacity 50.000 metric tons per year of staples and
    cords. Continuous process. Still in crates. Location: ASIA

    DM&E Staple Fiber Crimping Cutting Lines, consisting of: DM&E DS-20 Dancer
    Tension Stand. DM&E CL 21 Crimper, 50mm x 150mm roll diameter, rated up to
    500,000 denier capacity, speed to 450 mpm, 3000 lb/hr capacity, swing open stuffing
    box. Stainless steel J-Box accumulator. DM&E Radial Fiber Tow Cutter, 40 Series,
    rated up to 500,000 denier capacity, 150 mpm line speed, capacity up to 1100 lb/hr,
    40" cutting circumference. Includes cutter reel for 2" fiber. Crimper and cutter
    available as a package

    Fet Extrusion Line For Carpet Yarn Manufacturing, Year 1997

    1 STARLINGER / SULZER Bag Making Plant, consisting of:
    (8) STARLINGER Circular Looms, Alfa 4 shuttle, maximum width is 80cm,
    production reported 1000 meters/shift. Some missing levers & shafts (non-critical).
    Can be sold with or without missing parts to be included. (6) Sulzer ES E6 Looms,
    360cm. Warping Machine. Monofilament Line, NO extruder

    1 Comforter Manufacturing Plant, consisting of:(2) ABM Quilting Machines, Model:
    102167 Installed with Highly Efficient 'Duo-Tape' Quilting System. Production
    Capacity 250-300 Comforters / 8 Hr Shift (108" x 94"),.

    Complete Sewing Thread Plant with: 2        RATTI 2/1 Double deck twisters Type R
    326 N CUI 2002 year

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