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Woven and Knitted Garments, Threads from SRITECS
Executive Summary
•        Garments  of Cotton, Synthetic, Blended,  woven, Knitted, to Quality Standards with 80+ Top Customers  
•        Industrial Chemicals for Apparel
•        Garment Machinery- Knitting, Stitching, Sewing and Other Machinery
•        Embroidery Threads-  Cotton/  Viscose Rayon /  Staple spun polyester//  Acrylic
•        Fibers, Yarn and Threads- Silk, Cotton/ POY/  PSF/ Military/  Acrylic Yarns
•        Garment Manufacturing Systems,
•        IT Solutions and Services for  Fashion Retail

SRITECS  offers  Garments from India  an Other Countries for Your Imports and
Exports across the world. Currently World Reputed  Apparel Retailers Buy these
products for their Retail Chains and Global Sales. Customer Base of the Manufacturers, Product Specifications,  
Range, Annual Capacities and certifications are  as follows:

Garments  of Cotton, Synthetic, Blended,  woven, Knitted, to Quality Standards with 80+ Top Customers  
Some Renowned Buyers and Brands for Garments;
Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Allen Solly, All Saints, American Eagle, Arrow,  Arvind Brands, Auburn Hill,  Banana
Republic, Bay Island,  Benetton, Ben Sherman, Bridge to Luxury,Brooks Brothers, C & A, Calvin Klein,  Camel
Active, Cherokee,  Chicos, Coin,  Colt,  Columbia, Decathlon, Diesel, DKNY, Dockers, Donuts,  Edge,   Elitus,  
Energie,  Esprit, Excalibur, FCUK, Flying Machine,  Forever 21, Gant, GAP, Grasim Bhiwani, Guess, Hanes
Brands, H & M, Hollister Hurley, Izod,  Jack & Jones,  Jack Wolf Skin, J C Penny,  Karigari,  Land's End, Lee,  
Leisha,  Levi's, Macy's, Marks & Spencer,Mea Casa,  The Metro Group, Mexx, Nautica,  New Port University,
NEXT,  Nike, Northface, Old Navy, O'Neill, Patagonia Pier Cardin Paris,  Pull & Bear, Puma, Quicksilver,  Reebok,
Reid & Taylor, Riders,  Ruehl, Ruff & Tuff, Ruggers,  SansaBelt,  Sears, Skinn,  Silver Jeans, Sisley,  S. Kumars, S.
Oliver,  Superdry, Tailor Vintage, Teddy Smith, Tommy Hilfiger,  Tom Tailor, U.S.A. 1949,  USPA,  Van Heusen,  
VF Asia, VF Corporation,  Walmart, Woodland, Wrangler,  Wrangler Hero

Production Range
Woven and Knitted Garments - Active wear, Casual wear, Outerwear, Sleepwear, Sportswear, -
Fibre specifications: 100% Cotton, Organic Cotton, Cotton Blends, Fai trade cotton, Synthetic fibre
Quality Certifications: OEKO Tex Standard 100/ GOTS/ OE 100/ FLO/

•        Men:  Men’s Tops, Men’s Bottoms, Coat, Jackets, T Shirts,
•        Ladies:  Blazer, Coat, Jacket, Pull over, T shirts, Top, Women’s Wear,
•         Kids wear: Set, shorts,
•        Knits, Bottoms, Formal& Casual Tops, Knit Tops,
•        Hosiery: Cotton underpants & briefs, nightshirts & pajamas, Socks

Garments- mix- with product-mix comprising 60% polo's & 40% round-neck t-
Shirts/ sweatshirt  for men's, ladies &  children.
Shirts;   all kinds of wet and dry washes and performance finishes.

Formal & Casual tops

Knit tops:
Knits  capacity of 9 million pieces per annum. includes men’s and women’s tee shirts, men’s and women’s polo shirts,
golf polos, full placket shirts, and training wear, products like climate control apparels, variety of printed apparel,

Knitted Garments
Polo shirts and T-shirts, Sweatshirts Fashion Garments for Men’s/Boys/Ladies and Girls
Single Jersey, Single Jersey with Lycra , Rib, Rib with Lycra, Interlock, Pique, Pique with Lycra,Gassed Single
Jersey ,Viscose Lycra ,Terry Fabric, Interlock Polyester Fabric,Polar Fleece Fabric, Cotton Melange Single Jersey,
Cotton Melange with Lycra- gg 18gg/20gg/24gg/28gg, Diameter- 30''/32"/34"/36", Teflon finish,  Stain Resistant,  
Water Repellent,  Fire Retardant etc.

Jeans;   offers specialty washes, basic stone, enzyme and bleach washes with specialty finishes like hand sanding,
sand blasting, whiskers with laser and hand; garment tinting, spraying, brushing, grinding, and permanent creasing
and coating.
Woven & Knitted-
Home Textiles-
•        Bed Linen, sheeting fabrics,
Product Range: Sheet sets, Duvet, Comforters, Blankets, Quilts, Bed in Bag, Curtains( Thread count 150-1000),
width upto 300cm, in Solids, Dobbles, Jacquards, Printed, Embroidered, Yarn Dyed etc
Fibre: Conventional Cotton, Organic Cotton and Cotton Blends
Special finishes: Wrinkle free( Thermo MXL), Nano Technology, Insect repellent,  Soil Release, Stain Resistance,
Water repellent, Stain defender, Ice touch, Antibacterial, Coolest comfort wrinkle free etc
Quality Certifications: OEKO Tex standard 100/ SWAN/ GOTS/ EU Flower/ OE 100/ FLO
•        The home textiles-  Sheet sets/pillow cases, Duvet sets/shams, Decorative pillows,  Bed skirts
Thread count – Satins- TC 200 to TC 1000, Percale- TC 180 to TC 400, Stripes- TC 300 to TC 700, Dobbies- TC 300
to TC 600 with finishes such as MXL, ETI, easy care, easy iron, anti wrinkle, aroma, water repellant, anti bacterial.
•        Terry Towels- Product Range: Zero Twist, Cotton Modal, Sheared Towels, Yarn dyed sheared towels
•        Bath Robes

Embroidery Threads
Cotton/  Viscose Rayon /  Staple spun polyester/ polyester core spun/  Acrylic for  General purpose embroidery,
Delicate fabrics and laces, Fleece, knit and cotton tops, Small letters and detailing, Appliqué embroidery

staple spun polyester, polyester core spun with cotton,  polyester corespun,  textured polyester: for  Shirts and
blouses, Jeans, Jackets,  Knitwear, Lingerie,  Work wear,  Children’s apparel,  Dresses,  Underwear,  swimsuits,   

Industrial Chemicals for Apparel
Textiles,Apparel,  Fabrics, Fibers, Yarn :
Additives, Adhesives  and Binders,
Bbleaching auxiliaries,
Care and Cleaning,
Cracks and abrasion marks in dyeing
Cationic surfactants: Bleaching processors and stabilizers for textile wet processing
De-foaming agents for applications in textile wet processing
Dispersing agents dispersing and complexing agents for pre- treatment of
Fungicidal finishes for textile applications
Highly effective detergents/washing agents for the pretreatment of textiles
Levelling agents for dyeing of cellulosic fibers, wool, acrylic fibers,  polyester
Lubricants, Lubricants to reduces creases,
Moisture management agent for soft and hydrophilic textile finishes
Oil, water and soil repellent finishes for textile applications
Process Chemicals,
Sizes for textile applications, Sizes for a wide range of textile yarns
Softeners for textile finishing
Stain removers for textile application
Washing agents for improving fastness of textiles after dyeing
Wet fastness improvers for polyamide and silk dyeings
Wetting and penetration accelerants for textile wet processing
Wetting agents for pretreatment of textiles
UV-absorbers for textiles
Garment Machinery- Knitting, Stitching, Sewing and Other Machinery
Garment Mc
Circular Knitting Machines For Socks - Women - Men - Child P / C Production
Medical Artifacts
Fabric: Shaping Pantyhose, Shaping Pantyhose Made With Natural Fibres, Plain
Mesh, Plain Fabric Mesh,
Pattern: Patterned, Derby, Links, Links Jacquard 2-3 Colours, Jacquard, Jacquard
Baguette, Bikini
Number Of Cylinders; 1 Or 2
Number Of Feeds- 1, 2, 3, 4
GOAL , GK544HDC88X,  E132HXDC88X, E133HXDC88X,  E136HXDC88X,  
E1320XDC88X,  E1330XDC88X,  E1360XDC88X,  E1360X3DC88X,  E1420XDC88X,  
E142HXDC88X,  E1430XDC88X,  E136HX3DC88X,  E1520XDC88X,  
E152HXDC88X,  E143HXDC88X,  E153HXDC88X,  E156HXDC88X,  
E1460X3DC88X , E1560X3DC88X,  E1530XDC88X,  E1460XDC88X ,
E1560XGOAL,  GK616DFGOAL,  GK715 0DC88X,  E146HXDC88X,  
E146HX3DC88X,  E156HX3GOAL,  GK516DGOAL,  GK516DFGOAL,  GK516
0GOAL,  GK615 0GOAL,  GK516SGOAL,  GK525 0GOAL,  GK525SGOAL,  

Banding Sewing Machine  Multi-Needle Kansai DFB-1409P, DFB-14120,  DFB-
1412P,  F4412P1UTC, FBX-1104,  Pegasus W562-016B, Rimoldi 264-114EL-01,  264-
389ML-01,  264-114ML-18, 264-42-2LM-15,  264-424LM-16,  264-42-4LM-24
Singer 302-U201A, 302-U2DA,  Taiko TK-6504, Union Special W-188
Bartack Sewing Machine  Brother LK3-B46,  Juki LK-1852 ,   LK-1900HS
Belt loop Sewing Machine Double Needle Brother FD4-B271,  FD4-B271-0U2-5 Juki
Button Hole Sewing Machine: 1 - C-200, Brother CB3-B913-2 , CB3-B917-51A,  
Programmable DH4-B980-02,  Juki MB-372,  Reece 104
Chain Stitch Sewing Machine  Union Special 51300BR, 51300, 51300BV,  51300BX ,
51300G, 56500J Cover Stitch Sewing Machine  Automatic Cylinder Kansai MZ-
Cover Stitch Special Sewing Machine  Juki MF-890,  Kansan F-44-3
Cover Stitch Sewing Machine   Pegasus w264-21ABX100 Small Cylinder Bed,
Pegasus w664-01GB Small Cylinder Bed, 3 Needle, 5 Thread -
Cover Sewing Machine  Double Needle Pegasus W562-01CB,  Rimoldi 268002MD31,  
Siruba Serger F007, Taiko, TK-800F
Cover Stitch Sewing Machine  Triple Needle Pegasus W562-01CB,  Rimoldi 264-00-
3LA-01,  264-00-3LA-03,  264-00-3Lk-02,  Rimoldi 264-0021
Eyelet Button Hole Sewing Machine  Juki LBH-763,  Reece S2-BH 101-019AFCA,
ell Seam Sewing Machine Brother DT6-B928-8 Needle Fell Seam Sewing Machine
Brother DT6-B928-8 3- Rimoldi 184-003MLA 3-Needle Union Standard 35800DN,
Union Special 35800DQ , 35800DRU9
Hemming Sewing Machine Automatic Leg Brother DB3-B776-705,  Singer 591-
V300BAW,  Union Special 63900AM
Hemming Pocket 5-Thread Overlock Sewing Machine Brother MA4-V61-92-6,  
Hemming Pocket Four Thread Sewing Machine  Rimoldi 264-00-3LH-01
Hemming Sewing Machine  Pegasus W264-21ABX100 Single Needle Leg
Loop Sewing Machine Automatic Set:  Brother BAS-70, 5 Juki LK-1952 , LK-1960
Pocket Setting Sewing Machine- Automatic Brother BAS-760
Tacking Sewing Machine  Lewis 160-20
Thread Overlock Sewing Machine Brother EF4V122-5 5,  Columbia 600-3 3-Thread,  
Juki 1516-E 4-,  MO-1516H 5- MO-3916 5-, - Pegasus 515-4-355 5, 515-451,  515-4-
51 5-, 516-4-26 5, 516-4-52 5, EX3216-04,  EX3216-04 5-, E32-452 4-, M-600 5-, M-
632-86 5-, M-652-2605 5-, M-732-86 5-, M-EX3216-04 5-, Rimoldi F29-FS-3MD-BE
5- Siruba Serger 516X2-26 5- Union Special 39500CRU 4- Wilcox & Gibbs 516-426,  
Yamato AZ8600H 5- DCZ-203-D3 5-, Z610 5-,  Z8600H 5,  Programmable Yamato
Waist Band Sewing Machine Automatic Finish Brother LK3-B434EX-12
Welt Pocket Sewing Machine: Brother BAS-610A,  Juki LH-529

Single Needle Sewing Machine Brother DB2-B737-413, DB2-B737-415, DB2-B737-
415A, DB2-B737-935, Japsew J-200, Juki DDL-555-5,  DLN-5410-6, DDL-5550-6,
LH-1152-5,  Rimoldi 264-003LA03
Double Needle Sewing Machine 3 Brother LT2-B872-5,  2335,  Kensew, C412-140,  
Rimoldi 268002LA34 268002LA35,
Programmable Double Needle Sewing Machine: Brother LT2-B872-405, DB2-B737-
413, DB2B737-415 LT2-B872-705 , LT2-B832-705A,  LT2-B875-907, LT2-B875-907S
Programmable Double Needle 1/8 Lockstitch Sewing Machine LT2-B872-905
Programmable Multi-Use Single Needle Sewing Machine: Brother BAS-311A-101,
111 BAS-311EL-1, 21 BAS-311F-01A,


•        Embroidery Threads-  Cotton/  Viscose Rayon /  Staple spun polyester//  Acrylic
•        Fibers, Yarn and Threads- Silk, Cotton/ POY/  PSF/ Military/  Acrylic Yarns
•        Garment Manufacturing Systems,
•        IT Solutions and Services for  Fashion Retail

For Fashion and Apparel Retail
Solutions cover
•        Improve speed-to-market in order to keep pace with the latest trends by putting the
•        right product on the shelves at the right time,
•        Create supply chain transparency
•        Reduce shrinkage
•        Lower inventory costs
•        Optimize markdowns
•        Improve customer experience through revolutionary technology – both virtually and in store
•        Achieve faster return on investment (ROI)
•        Manage both risk and change

If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their Products, they
should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for SRITECS to send their offer.

K R Rao,URL:   E Mail:  Tel/Fax: +914027800610
JK Residency, East Marredpally, Secunderabad, Telengana, India- 500026, New Delhi- 110058