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SRITECS Offers   Health Care Plans, Systems and Products of proven performance and Customer satisfaction.
Details are as follows;

Health Care

Health Care Services

For Families and Children:
State health program for families with low incomes and resources
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for children under 19 and for women who are pregnant or have children
Children’s Health Insurance Program for children under 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid and do not have health
For Seniors and People with Disabilities, Senior Health of managed care, health insurance plans, and employer
funded pharmacy benefit plans
Federal health insurance for people who are age 65 and older, or who meet other special criteria
Supplemental Security Income for the elderly and people with disabilities (i.e., aged, blind, or disabled)
Long-Term Care programs for people 18 and older who are eligible for long-term care services (nursing home level),
and for the individuals who help them
Special Needs Plan for people receiving both Medicare and Medicaid benefits
Health plan coverage to individuals through government subsidized programs, State Children's Health Insurance
Program and Supplemental Security Income
Health Checkups end to end  connecting diagnostic centers and hospitals, specialist consultants, and primary care
Employee assistance programs, Healthy pregnancy program,
Health Care products and services
for dialysis, the hospital and the medical care of patients at home,  
for patients with chronic kidney failure,
for critically and chronically ill patients with lifesaving medicines and technologies
for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition,  ambulance care and medical devices
for administering these products in hospitals and health care centers as well as spas and wellness centers.
Health care services for covering Hospitals, Physicians,  Pharmacies  and other providers with
Packaged programs and automation, Electronic health records system, -Computerized physician order entry –
Nursing and pharmacy automation and Clinical and financial management solutions help to improve and control
revenue, Medication error prevention, reduce nursing labor burden, streamline workflow,
Pharmaceutical and Medical supply solutions to stay competitive in market.
Pharmaceutical care on behalf of major corporations for retirees and employees.
Clinical and Financial software to long-term care facilities. medications, complete infusion therapy service, and an
extensive web-based pharmacy portal Pharmacy benefits management including mail order and specialty pharmacy
services including  planning,  design  and administration, formulary management, discounted drug purchase
arrangements, retail pharmacy network  management services, prescription management systems, clinical services
and disease management services,  Treatment compliance,
Medical and Health Care insurance including choosing doctor, Pharmacy,  combining drug and medical coverage,  
Fitness and wellness programs and Prescription mail-order delivery service

Hospital Management System for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover hospital administration and management
Contract Research services covering clinical trials and pharmaceutics services, including formulation development of

Health care  Products, Diagnostic Systems and Laboratory Solutions

Diagnostic systems and Lab solutions  consisting of , Instruments, Tests and assays
for Adrenal/Pituitary, Allergy, Anemia, Anticoagulant Therapy, Autoimmune, Bleeding Disorders, Bone Metabolism,
Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Drugs of Abuse, Endocrine Function, Fibrinolysis, General Chemistry, Hematology,
Hepatic, Infectious Disease, Inflammatory, Nutritional Assessment, Oncology, Prostate Health, Proteins/Serology,
Renal Function, Reproductive, Sepsis, Specialty, STAT Testing, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Thrombophilia,
Thyroid, Toxicology, Tumor Markers
Products for Anesthesia Delivery, Infection prevention, Infusion, Interventional Procedures, Medical Management,
Patient Monitoring, Respiratory Care for Data management and Actionable Intelligence
Diagnosis and management of Cardio metabolism, Infection diseases, Toxicology, including instruments for Triage,
Monitoring, Cholesterol Tech and analysers

Anesthesia Systems including work station, , Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring Systems, Ultrasound Systems

Diagnostics and instruments for Anaemia, Anticoagulation, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Central Nervous
System, Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C / HIV Aids, HPV, Infectious Disease, Inflammatory & Autoimmune Diseases,
Kidney and Urogenital Tract, Diseases, Lipid Disorders, Liver Diseases, Metabolic Disorders, Obesity, Osteoporosis,
Pancreatitis, Respiratory Disorders, Tuberculosis, Urinary Tract Infections
Advanced Surgical Devices for Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and

Medical and surgical Products for Computer Assisted surgery, Minimally invasive surgical solutions, Patient care
and Handling, Interventional spine, Craniomaxillofacial  and Endoscopy systems, Neurosurgical and Vascular
systems, Implants

Systems and products  for Anaesthesia  Airway, Assisted Reproduction, Diabetes , Drainage Systems, Infusion
Systems , Interventional Imaging, Pain Management, Patient Monitoring, Pressure Monitoring, Respiratory, Sharps
Safety , Temp Management, Tracheostomy Tubes, Vascular Access, Ventilation
Oncology Systems and products for Radiation oncology, Medical oncology, Radiosurgery, Proton Therapy, Imaging
solutions and digital Radiography Bio- Hazardous Waste Management
Chromatography products such as UPLC, HPLC, Mass Spectrometry systems

Health Care  Systems
•        Hospital Management  and Medical Practice Management   Systems
•        Community Services Systems  
•        Financial  Systems- Insurance-   Corporate Benefits Plans, Decision/Risk Analysis ,
•        Radiology Systems
•        Software and Systems for Medical billing , medical records management system ,   
medical claims, Medical Information, service and system solutions,
•        Clinical databases laboratory information systems

Health Care  Systems and services
Accreditation,  Billing Services,   Case Management,  Facilities Management,  
Information Systems, Medical Record Systems,   Outcomes Management,   Planning,  
Practice Management,  Quality Management, Regulatory,   Scheduling, Survey
Management,  Test Results Notification,   
Workplace Safety
Community,   Correctional Service, Emergency Services, Health and Fitness Club,
Long Term Care,   Hospital,   Home Health Care, Managed Care,   Nursing,   
Rehabilitation, Social Services,  Telemedicine
Financial,  Insurance-   Corporate Benefits Plans, Decision/Risk Analysis,  Disabilities,
Long Term Care, Temporary,  Marketing
Ambulatory,  Cardiovascular,   Occupational, Orthodontics , Radiology Systems
Software and Systems for : Medical billing l medical records management systemI  
software packages for  medical claims, Medical Information service and system solutions  
l Clinical databases on drug information, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, infectious
diseases, and poisoning & toxicology l laboratory information systems for the general
clinical laboratory, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, cytology and pathology,   Patient ,
billing, collections, admissions, registration, orders, referral tracking, and ambulatory

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