SRITECS- Global Market Access for  IT Services and Solutions, Materials, Fuels
and Chemicals, Plant &Equipment,  Machinery, Automation, Manufacturing,
Process Control and Management Systems

IT Solutions, Manufacturing and Management Systems from SRITECS

From World Renowned System Manufacturers with proven Products, Installation and
Services for the Designed Applications, SRITECS offers Automation, Machine Vision,
Robotics and Manufacturing systems,  IT Solutions and  custom built Management Systems
for each Industry and Application in specific  Industries.

Details are as follows:
    Systems Summary
    Solutions and Software with Services
    For Designing and Implementation of Systems for
    •        Manufacturing and Management,  
    •        performance and operations improvements in key areas like
    •        Quality, Tracking, Inventory, Order Fulfilment And Asset Management.
    Services would be made available from
    •        Process and Manufacturing studies to
    •        design, planning, and implementation of Systems,
    •        Sensors, Hardware, Instrumentation and Training
    Automation systems for all requirements
    •        Automation systems
    •        Identification systems
    •        Industrial communication
    •        Industrial controls
    •        Industry Services
    •        Industry Software
    •        Operator control and monitoring systems
    •        PC-based automation
    •        Power supplies
    •        Process analytics
    •        Process control system
    •        Process instrumentation
    •        Products for specific requirements
    Industrial Automation Systems
    •        Motion Control System
    •        CNC Automation System

    •        Connected Vehicle Solutions
    •        Cybersecurity
    •        Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM)
    •        Powertrain Control
    •        Refrigerants
    •        Embedded Sensors, Switches and Controls
    •        Test and Measurement Sensors
    •        Automotive Manufacturing
    •        Digitalization-
    •        Product design
    •        Production planning
    •        Production engineering
    •        Production execution
    •        Digital Enterprise Suite –for digital transformation

    Cement Industry
    •         Raw material preparation
    •         Clinker production
    •         Clinker grinding
    •         Packaging & Shipping
    •         Process automation and instrumentation
    •         Electrification
    •         Drive solutions
    Process Control Systems for Optimizing Processes
    •        Kiln Control System
    •        Mill Control System
    •        Management Information System
    •        Process Instrumentation and Control
    •        Construction Materials Industry

    Chemical Industry
    Operational excellence  and Lifecycle Solutions to
    •        improve operations, lower waste, and raise yields and quality compliance, while
    •        reducing unit costs, greenhouse emissions
    Safety Integrated Process control systems

    •         From utilization in the individual laboratory to entire plant networks
    •        Operative process control by means of user-centric process visualization
    •        Process instrumentation
    •        Process analytics
    •        Industrial communication

    •        Bio- fuel production
    •        Fertilizer production
    •        Bulk Chemical Production
    •        Petrochemical Production
    •        Separation column Controls
    •        Reactor Controls
    •        Dryer Controls with Drive Technology
    •        Ensuring Safe and Efficient Power Supply

    Peak performance  and Asset management and performance analysis solutions
    Software and Solutions with Services for
    •        Power Generation
    •        High-voltage - Power Transmission
    •        Energy Automation & Smart Grid
    •        Compression & Expansion
    •        Medium-voltage - Power Distribution
    •        Renewable Energy
    •        Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical
    •        Low-voltage - Power Distribution Services
    •        Power Generation
    •        Gas turbines
    •         Steam turbines
    •        Generators
    •         Power plant solutions
    •        Power plant and turbine controls
    •        Gas and diesel engines
    •         Wind power
    •        Small hydro power
    •        Hybrid power and storage
    •        Gas-Fired Power Plants
    •        Industrial Power Plant Solutions
    •        Combined Heat and Power
    •        Carbon Capture
    •        Integrated Gasification
    •        Integrated Solar Combined Cycle

    Food & Beverage/CPG
    Scalable and repeatable Solutions to support single or multi-site operations for
    •        agile, safe, compliant and sustainable to maximize efficiency.

    Machinery and Plant Construction
    •        Digitalization in machine building and plant engineering
    •        Converting
    •        Glass processing machines
    •        Handling systems
    •        Machine tools
    •        Metal forming
    •        Packaging machines
    •        Plastics machines
    •        Printing machines
    •        Process OEMs
    •        Solar production machines
    •        Textile machines
    •        Woodworking machines

    Advanced Software
    •        MES for Pulp, Paper and Flat Sheet Industries
    •        Pulp and Paper Production        
    •        Production Management Suite for for Pulp, Paper and Flat Sheet Industries?

    Mining, Minerals & Metals
    Operations management software designed for the metals, mining and minerals
    industry, to optimize
    •        production process performance and energy usage, safety and  efficiently
    •        in an environmentally sensitive context..
    Process control Systems cover
    •         Extraction
    •         Transportation
    •         Beneficiation
    •         Process Automation / Instrumentation
    •         Power distribution
    •        Automation and Instrumentation
    •        Drive Technology
    •        Totally Integrated Power
    •        Heavy Duty Rectifier Applications

    Oil& Gas Industry
    Software and Solutions for
    upstream, midstream to
    •        maximize production and optimize supply chain, with safe, effective processing
    and transport of oil and gas from
    •        the field to the consumer.
    and downstream operations ensuring
    •        Engineering Excellence
    •        Supply Chain Excellence.
    •        Operational Excellence.
    •        Asset Excellence.
    •         Automation Technology
    •         Compression and Pumping
    •         Digitalization
    •         Electrification
    •         Lifecycle Management
    •         LNG
    •         Offshore Drilling
    •         Offshore Production
    •         Onshore Production
    •         Pipelines
    •         Refineries and Petrochemicals
    •         Storage, Tank farms, and Terminals
    •         Sub sea
    •         Water Treatment

    Software Products
    •         Simulation Software For Crude and Assays Library
    •        Alarm and Operations Management Software
    •        Software for Enterprise Collaboration
    •        Software for Advanced Control, Optimization and Monitoring
    •        Software for Oil and Gas Production
    •        Software for Supply Chain and Production Management
    •        Software for Process History and Analytics
    •        Software for Process Design and Simulation
    •        Software for Mobile App for Real-Time Plant Notifications

    Refining Process Technology, Process Control & Monitoring
    •        Burners, Combustion and Flame Monitoring
    •        Oil and Gas Operations
    •        Water Treatment
    •        Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Refining and Petrochemical Idustries
    •        Regulatory Compliance for Refining

    •        Efficiency (Advanced Applications) for Refining
    •        Blend Performance Monitor
    •        Control Performance Monitor
    •        Alerts and Notifications
    •        Documentation and Enforcement
    •        Metrics and Reporting
    •        Manufacturing Execution Systems for Refining
    •        MES) product portfolio for production information, including
    •        the status of production runs,
    •        detailed unit operations,
    •        inventory and movement quantities and
    •        conversion factors.
    •        Off-Site Solutions for Refining Products

    •        Blend Performance Monitor
    •        Tank Monitor
    •        Movement Control
    •        Movement Automation system
    •        Movement Monitor
    •        Profit Blend Controller


    •        Regulatory Compliance for Refining- regulations related to
    •        water, air emissions and security  with
    •        transparency and accountability
    Emissions Management Solutions
    •        Advanced Process Control (APC) and Wireless solutions
    •        Alerts and Notifications
    •        Documentation and Enforcement
    •        Metrics and Reporting

    Processing Solutions with licensor process technology
    Aromatics – to Optimize production through integrated solutions.
    Aromatic Derivatives – to efficiently transform aromatics into value-added
    Olefins – to expand your complex and increase value. through innovation
    Detergents – Next generation LAB processes to lower costs for a better bottom line.

    Technology and Process Technology and Solutions cover
    •        Aromatics Formation for Para Xylene, Isomers, Toluene, Sulfones
    •        Aromatic Derivatives cover - Ethyl benzene & Styrene,  Cumene,  Phenol, PET
    •        Olefins production covering  Ethylene, Propylene, Refinery Propylene, Butylenes,
    On-Purpose Butadiene,
    Methanol- to- Olefins process

    Pulp & Paper
    Market Specific Solutions, Software and Services enable maximize asset reliability, and
    optimize performance and profitability.
    •        Advanced Process Control and Automation with Advanced Process Library
    •        Production Management
    •        Manufacturing Execution Systems
    •        Dryer Management Module
    •        Drives and Systems
    •        Winder
    •        Machine Direction (MD) controls,
    •        Cross Direction (CD) controls and CD Actuators
    •        Quality Control System
            DCS, Automation and Safety Infrastructure for Tissue Manufacturers
    •        Quality Control System for Tissue Manufacturers
    •        Bleach Process Management Module
    •        Kraft Pulping or Mechanical Pulping
    •         Energy storage and conversion
    •        Power Distribution
    •        Distributed Control System
    •        IT Management Information System
    •         Digitalization
    •         Plant Engineering
    •        Product Life Cycle Management
    •        Transportation, Cost effective Tracking, Monitoring

    Pharmaceutical Industry, Bio- tech, Medical, Life sciences and pharmaceuticals

    Solution and Systems cover
    •        Batch management,
    •        quality management,
    •        compliance, and
    •        informed decision making
    •         Life Cycle Services
    •        Building Technology
    •        IT-Solutions
    •        Process Automation
    •        Field Instrumentation & Analytics
    •        Energy Management
    •        Process & Analytical Technology

    Health Care systems and Solutions
    •        Connected Hospital
    •        Connected Clinician
    •        Nurse Communication and Workflow Management
    •        Connected Patient effective monitoring
    •        Facility Systems Management from admission to patient care to discharge,
    •        Security, Access and Video
    •        Critical Environment Air Flow Controls
    •        Manufacturing  
    •        sensors and controls used medical applications
    •        solvents, reagents and chromatography products used in laboratories and
    •        pharmaceutical production and
    •        packaging films

    Infrastructure Solutions for Smart City

    Water & Wastewater Management- Solutions and Software with ability to present
    historical, real-time and forecast data on actuals, which enables
    operators to make optimal decisions and Anticipate Impact of Coming Events

    IT Solutions and Services

    While actual and Final offerings, Solutions and Software are customized for client
    Teaming up with World Leaders IT Solutions and Services are offered typically
    summing up  as follows:
    •        Automotive Manufacture, OEs, After Market, Components, Logistics and
    •        Banking, Finance, Financial Services and Health Insurance
    •        Cement, Chemicals, Paper and Pulp Processing Industries and Manufacture
    •        Communications including Telecom, Hi-tec Including IT services
    •        Energy sector Covering Oil& Gas, Refinery Products, Utilities including
    •        Health Care and Pharmaceuticals,
    •        Hi- Tec and IT, Big Data, ADMS, IOT, Cloud, Networking,  
    •        Mining and Metal Industries
    •        Retail for Foods, Fashion Apparel and Merchandise and Consumer Package
    •        Trading including Risk Management Solutions for Agro Produce, Sugar,
    Cement, Chemicals, Minerals, NF Metals, Steels and Steel Products, Scrap, Crude,
    Natural Gas and Refinery Products,

    IT Services
    •        Consulting-  
    •        Business Process Management,
    •        Business Value Enhancement,
    •        Business process consulting,
    •        Customer experience,
    •        Web Experience Management,
    •        Enterprise Integration Solutions,
    •        Enterprise Business Solutions with Business Intelligence,
    •        Portals & Digital Commerce, Solutions Portfolio,
    •        Enterprise Architecture
    •        Transformation of Businesses,
    •        Processes, and Operations for greater Productivity and performance,
    •        Digital Enterprise
    •        Eco-sustainability Services
    •        Engineering & Industrial Services
    •        New Product Development (NPD) Solutions:
    •        Plant Solutions and Services:
    •        Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions:
    •        Geospatial Technology Solutions:
    •        High Performance Computing-based Engineering Services:
    •        Business Process Services
    •        Sales Order Management:
    •        Planning and Scheduling, Inventory Management:
    •        Warranty and Spare Parts Management:
    •        Content, and Process Management (CPM) for CRM and Employee Productivity
    •        Enterprises of Future  and Enterprise Solutions cover Asset Management,
    Learning Services, Enterprise Mobility, Human Capital Management, Incident
    Management, Portal and User Experience Management, Solution Frame works for
    Operational Excellence, Water Cycle Management, Supply Chain Management,
    Customer Relationship Management, Performance Management,
    •        Infrastructure Management Services, Mobility Solutions, Networks,  ADMS,
    Cloud Computing, End to End Enterprise Architecture  and Mobile Telecom Services
    Security, Testing, Outsourcing
    •        Integrated Engineering Solutions- Performance Engineering and Network
    Technology Solutions from Designing to Optimization, Product Life Cycle
    Management -Vertical Competencies, Horizontal Competencies, Technology Solutions,
    Consulting Solutions, Value Engineering, Should Costing, Mechatronics, Safety &
    Reliability Engineering, Global R&D Engineering
    •        Next Gen Solutions, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Content Delivery Networks,
    Device Testing & Certification, Digital Enterprise Services, Green and Sustainability
    Solutions, Long Term Evolution, •        Internet of Things (IoT), New Generation
    Supply Chain, Smart Grid, Spend Management Solutions, Application Development
    and Maintenance services(ADMS)
    •        Integrated Sourcing & Procurement
    •        Technology and Integration for seamless integration of new, efficient
    technologies into their existing supply chains.
    •        Mobile Financial Solutions- telecom companies, banks and retailers-  scalable
    and secure financial services that run on mobile platforms
    •        Integrated Supply Chain  (ISC) solutions
    •        IT Services :
    •        Application Services
    •        Architecture Services,  
    •        Independent Validation and Testing Services,          
    •        Information Management Services
    •        Infrastructure Services,
    •        Knowledge Services,
    •        Packaged Application Services,
    •        Service  Oriented Architecture Services,
    •        Systems Integration         
    •        BPO Services
    •        Banking and Capital Markets,
    •        Communication Service Providers,
    •        Energy and Utilities,
    •        Healthcare, Insurance
    •        Manufacturing,
    •        Media and Entertainment,
    •        Retail,
    •        CPG and
    •        Logistics Services,
    •        Business Platforms
    •        Customer Service Outsourcing:
    •        Finance and Accounting,
    •        Human Resources Outsourcing,
    •        Sales and Fulfillment
    •        Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing
    •        Engineering Services
    •        Product Engineering,
    •        Lifecycle Management,
    •        Manufacturing Process and
    •        Plant Solutions

    Summary of Products, Solutions and Services

    For BFSI Sector
    •        Retail and Corporate Banking, Net Banking,
    •        Finance- Project, Trade, WC, Consumer, VC, Finance,
    •        Health Insurance,
    Financial Services:  
    •        Asset Management,
    •        Wealth Management
    •        Life Cycle Management,
    Commodity Trading and Risk Management to manage compliance issues, business
    volatility, enhanced risk as well as billing and reconciliation problems seamlessly as a
    single process.

    •        For Automotive, OEs and OE Systems,
    IT services for
    •        Product Development,
    •        Engineering,
    •        Supply Chain Management,
    •        Manufacturing,
    •        Sales and Marketing,
    •        IT Support for Administration, HR, Fin, Accounting,
    •        Analytics and IT Solutions for
    •        Enterprise Business Solutions,
    •        End to End BI & Analytical Practice.
    •        End to End Mobility Capabilities,
    •        IT Applications,
    •        Infrastructure services
    For Automotive After Market
    •        IT Services for Automotive After Market suite covering
    •        Automotive Data Informatics and
    •        Consulting for the Enterprise covering engagement life cycle –
    •        Connected engineering,
    •        Enterprise mobility,
    •        BI & analytics,
    •        Telco & billing,
    •        Infrastructure & platforms and

    IT Solutions for
    •        collaboration between customers, dealers,
    •        financial services, leasing, insurance and
    •        OEMs.
    For Automotive Financial Services cover
    •        Automated Loan Origination solution (LOS,
    •        Usage Based Insurance,
    •        Digital Mktg.,
    For Automotive Manufacturing
    •        Manufacturing Execution Systems,
    •        Intelligent Enterprise Asset Management  
    •        Manufacturing Intelligence
    •        Engineering Solutions,
    •        New generation of systems for manufacturing
    •        Supply chain Management throughout the value chain.
    •        Sales Service Lifecycle Management
    •        Digital Services Digital Enterprise services
    •        Automotive Design and Value Engineering
    •        Automotive Simulation Activities
    •        Automotive Electronics and Embedded Systems
    •        Automotive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions
    •        Automotive Shop Floor Services
    •        Automotive Sourcing and Procurement Services
    •        Engineering IT and KBE solutions

    For Energy sector
    For Oil& Gas Exploration and Production,
    •        E&P data, knowledge and document management
    •        Application development management
    •        Applications support and maintenance services for E&P
    •        Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
    •        System integration
    •        Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    •        Digital Oil Field Solution:
    •        Perfect Plant Solutions
    •        Geospatial Technology Solutions
    •        Product Engineering
    •        Enterprise Asset Management

    For Oil Field Services (OFS) providers, Logistics and Distribution Organizations for
    •        Master Data Management with
    •        validated data and key information at the right time
    •        for easy decision making
    •        improve collaboration among people by integrating processes, services and
    •        Data Quality Management services for
    •        analysing G&G Data,
    •        Data Quality Automation process,
    •        Integrated ERP and reporting

    For Midstream
    •        ETRM solutions
    •        Demand forecasting and operations optimization solutions
    •        Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution
    •        Pipeline solutions, such as
    •        Geographical Information Systems (GIS),
    •        Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and
    •        field automation
    •        Pipelines nomination, scheduling and contract management solutions
    •        Pipelines integrity management and data modelling solutions
    •        Transportation Management

    For Refinery and Marketing
    •        Refinery Decision Support system,
    •        Plant Information system,
    •        Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS),
    •        Asset Management System,
    •        Refinery Turnaround Management solution,
    •        Customer Relationship Management solution and Integrated Retail solution.

    Key benefits are
    •        Integration of different information systems
    •        The timely generation of certificates of quality (COQ) and quality reports by
    •        Compliance management becomes an easy task for the refiners as energy
    consumption, emissions levels and process data parameters along with business
    systems are available under one screen.
    •        The integrated retail solution enables the retailers to improve their service
    delivery, margins and market share.

    For Utilities
    •        Enterprise Business Solutions
    •        Enterprise Asset Management
    •        Content Management and Web Portal Development
    •        Business Intelligence and Analytics
    •        Application development and Management
    •        Infrastructure Management
    •        Business process outsourcing and Knowledge process outsourcing
    •        Integrated Engineering Services
    •        Integrated Technology Solutions for Biz Transformation, Smart Grid, Utility
    Domain Solutions, Revenue Protection, Smart Field assistant, Product Engineering
    Services, Asset Inspection and Survey Solutions, Green Sustainability Solutions,
    •        Consulting Services

    For Chemical, Pulp and Paper Industry, Building Materials industry
    •        Enterprise Solutions- ERP Implementation, Application Management, Enterprise
    Content Management Service
    •        Intelligent Asset Management-
    •        Supply Chain Management- Logistics Management, Spend Management and
    Optimization, Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
    •        Digital Enterprise Solutions- Customer Experience and Engagement, GPS Based
    Fleet tracking, Material Tracking(RFID)
    •        Manufacturing Operations Management
    •        Operations Scheduling
    •        Plant Automation and Controls
    •        Process Engineering
    •        Production Management and Execution
    •        Data Collection & Acquisition
    •        Manufacturing Visibility
    •        Performance Analysis
    •        Metrics & Reports
    •        Laboratory Management, CAPA and CDS
    •        Manufacturing and Engineering Analytics

    Solution Offerings

    •        Analytics as a Service
    •        Digital Marketing
    •        Enterprise Sustainability Management
    •        SMART Supply Chain Intelligence
    •        Commodity Grading and Risk Management
    •        Technical Publications                                                                        

    For Mining and Metals
    •        Automation and Control to cut across the value chain to maximize reliability,
    diagnostics, safety and efficiency.
    •        Digital Enterprise for visibility and agility for the organization to assess and react
    to any information from any site (mine, plant etc.) in real time.
    •        Horizontal Integration to improve business effectiveness and efficiency through
    horizontal integration of organizational units, aligning separate mines, locations and
    assets, geographies and trading systems.
    •        Vertical Integration connection of the ERP with operational and control systems
    across the value chain, ensuring that decision making across the enterprise is
    supported and driven by data
    •        Standardization and Training
    •        Commodity Trading and Risk Management to manage compliance issues,
    business volatility, enhanced risk as well as billing and reconciliation problems
    seamlessly as a single process.
    •        GIS/GPS/Telematics/ Visualization Solutions automating integration,
    communication, tracking and visualization of resources and personnel throughout the
    supply chain
    •        Spend Management Solution for strategic and decision making tool and
    technique to analysis spend.
    •        Supply Chain Optimization to perform real time planning and manufacturing
    •        Digital Oil Field Solution:
    •        Perfect Plant Solutions
    •        Geospatial Technology Solutions
    •        Product Engineering
    •        Manufacturing Execution System (MES
    •        Advanced Process Control (APC
    •        Real-Time System (RTS
    •        Enterprise Asset Management

    For Health Care and Life Sciences
    For Health Care Provider
    •        Emergency Management Solution such as
    •        Computer Telephony,
    •        GIS-based Ambulance-Patient Tracking,
    •        Advanced Fleet Management Systems,
    •        Mobility & Tele Medicine
    •        Public Health
    •        Remote Patient Monitoring
    •        Hospital Information Systems and Electronic Medical Record as a systems  
    integrator, Includes
    •        install, implement, develop, customize, support and maintain healthcare solutions
    •        Hospitals and care delivery organizations
    •        Health Information Exchange
    •        Health care Analytics
    •        Human Capital Management
    •        Mobility
    •        Business Process Management optimized operations, end-to-end automation,
    dynamic processes and seamless interaction across all channels
    •        Revenue Cycle Analytics
    •        Enterprise Resource Planning
    •        Tele-advice Contact Centre

    Health Care Outreach Solutions includes
    •        State-of-the-Art Tele-advice contact centre,
    •        Mobile healthcare vans,
    •        tele- medicine and tele- diagnostic facilities,
    •        Integrated Disease Surveillance
    •        Telemedicine
    •        Portal Solutions
    For Life Sciences
    •        Research and Development
    •        Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
    •        Sales and Marketing
    •        Corporate Information Technology
    •        Product Lifecycle Management
    •        Artwork Pack Management

    •        Improve research and development efficiency while managing and reducing risk
    •        Enhance operational efficiencies and outcomes in clinical trial management
    •        Increase clinical trial decision-support with clinical analytics
    •        Improve adverse event and complaint management processes, while conducting
    globally consistent investigation, analysis, regulatory reporting and follow-up
    •        Improve product quality and compliance
    •        Implement lean manufacturing initiatives with flexible and agile manufacturing
    •        Increase marketing and sales effectiveness
    •        Deliver more effective and personalized interactions with closed-loop marketing
    •        Provide a 360-degree view of the customer and optimize interactions at every

    Health Insurance
    •        Payer Business Solutions
    •        Sales and Marketing Service
    •        Business Process Outsourcing Service
    •        Enterprise Solutions
    •        Healthcare Analytics Solutions
    •        Regulatory Solutions
    •        Healthcare Mobility Solutions
    •        Provider On boarding
    •        ROI Calculator
    •        BPO

    For Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
    For Fashion and Apparel Retail
    Solutions cover
    •        Improve speed-to-market in order to keep pace with the latest trends by putting
    •        right product on the shelves at the right time,
    •        Create supply chain transparency
    •        Reduce shrinkage
    •        Lower inventory costs
    •        Optimize markdowns
    •        Improve customer experience through revolutionary technology – both virtually
    and in store
    •        Achieve faster return on investment (ROI)
    •        Manage both risk and change

    For Food and Grocery
    Solutions cover to
    •        Ensure that there are no stock-outs, and at the same time minimize inventory
    holding costs
    •        Provide optimal assortment mix that is localized to stores
    •        Achieve accurate demand forecasting and category specific allocation and
    replenishment mechanisms to handle categories based on the product lifecycle and
    shelf- life
    •        Minimize shrinkage and ensure freshness of the perishable items
    •        focus on the entire retail value chain that comprises merchandizing, supply
    chain, store operations, multi-channel, marketing and sales through
    •        merchandise selection, value, convenience, in-store experience and customer

    For Specialty Retail-
    Solutions cover
    •        Gain customer visibility across multiple channels by:
    •        Integrating customer purchase history
    •        Driving effective promotion campaigns
    •        Understanding what the customers buy, where they buy, how they buy and how
    much they pay
    •        Manage risks associated with private labels, such as return to vendor privileges,
    design correct ranges and ensure timely flow of goods into the stores
    •        Manage a complex product assortment and make the right range selection for
    global locations to plan, buy and allocate lesser amounts of inventory without
    impacting the store in-stock levels negatively or reducing range selection
    •        quick and efficient data flow between applications to ensure that all systems and
    users utilize the same data set for analytics, planning, allocation, Open-to-Buy (OTB)
    and purchasing.
    •        Integrating legacy systems with newer applications with solutions, for
    •        Business insights,
    •        Hypermarkets,
    •        Accelerated point of sale (POS)
    •        Development and analytics for carbon monitoring

    For General Merchandises
    Solution cover
    •        optimizing merchandizing and supply chain functions with
    •        strategic insight into
    •        store planning and operations,
    •        analytics,
    •        price optimization,
    •        promotion/markdown management, loyalty,
    •        supply chain automation.
    •        Create and manage a differentiated and localized product assortment
    •        Reduce stock outs and shrinking margins via more
    •        effective Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) management and
    •         revenue rationalization
    •        e-commerce solutions
    •        Enterprise Service-
    •        Business Process Outsourcing-
    •        retail-specific process outsourcing services like
    •        Marketing and
    •        Customer Relationship Management,
    •        Supply Chain Management,
    •        Web-based Interactions and
    •        Store operations,
    •        Enterprise Resource Planning,
    •        Retail Enterprise Information Management System

    Consumer Packaged Goods covering
    CPG companies in the food and beverages, home and personal care, apparel and
    footwear and health and beauty aids segments.
    Service Offerings
    •        Vertical Services for innovation, marketing collaboration and pricing
    •        Manufacturing & Supply chain Control
    •        Product Life Cycle Management
    •        Sales & Marketing
    •        Horizontal Services include
    •        Technology Architecture
    •        Packaged Implementation Services,
    •        Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and
    •        Business Process Out- Sourcing (BPO)
    •        Consumer Packaged Goods Enterprise Information Management System
    •        Consumer Packaged Goods Rapid Integrated Solution Platform
    •        Supply Chain Planning and Optimization
    •        Artwork and Packaging Management
    •        Digital Marketing Services
    •        Mobility Solutions

Please contact us for details for each section and segment.

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