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Industrial  and Specialty Chemicals from SRITECS  

From World Renowned Sellers with Customer Satisfaction for their Products,
Application and Services, SRITECS offers  Industrial and Specialty
Chemicals for  Major Industrial Sectors.
Details are as follows:   

Industrial Chemicals as applicable to following:

Automotive and Transportation: Acoustical Management, Body Structure
Car Cleaners, Coatings and Adhesives, Emissions and Filters, Fluids and Fuel
Insulation & Foams, Plastics and Films, Polyurethane Systems, Solvents,

Bio refining : Specialty Chemicals for Boiler Water Treatment,  Corrosion
Inhibitor ,
Wastewater Treatment Coagulant/Flocculant , Process Water Treatment,  
Boiler Water
Treatment Deposit Inhibitor

Building and Construction
Adhesives/Sealants/Grouts/Coatings, Cold Storage and Prefabricated Panels,
Bonding, Floor Covering Components, Gypsum / Mortar Additives, HVAC
Components, Home Water Systems, Housewrap, Injection, Insulation and
Foams, Joint
Sealing, Mortars,  Pipe and Fittings, Plastics and Films, Polyurethane Systems,
Protective Coating, Road, Highway and Bridge, Road & Highway
Roofing, Structural Bonding, Weatherproofing and Weather Protection,
Water Systems,

Crop Nutrient Products, Crop Protection: Insecticides, Fungicides,
Herbicides, Plant
Genetics & Biotechnology, Plant Growth Regulators, Seed Treatment, Urban

Food Additives, Food Chain Partnership, Food Packaging,  Food Packaging -
Materials, Food Processing,  Ingredients for Formulations,
Health & Medical: Adult incontinence,   Advanced biosciences,    Buffers and
chemicals  Films and Packaging,   Chemical reagents,   Diapers and feminine
Formulations,    Formulating Ingredients  Health and Hygiene  High Level
Disinfection,  Nonwoven binders   Optics   Oral care,  Pharmaceutical  
Pharmaceutical processing,    Process Chemicals,        Technical   Wipes
Water treatment

Laboratory:   Enzymes, Inhibitors & Sub,  Reagents; Biochemicals &
Buffers,  Derivatization Reagents, Organometallic Reagents, , Synthetic
Stockroom Reagents,  Solvents, Stable Isotopes

Oil and Gas Technologies
Thickener, Viscosifier,  
Oil & Gas/Chemical Processing: Additives and Fluids  
•        Cement Slurries,
•        Dispersants, Drilling & Completion Fluids, Drilling  Intermediates,   
Filtration Control Additive,Fracturing Fluids Gelling Agent,  Fluidized
Suspensions, Gas Migration Control Additive,  Gel Pigs,  Oil & Gas
Treatment  •        
Pipes, Lubricants,, Rheology Modifiers, Shale Inhibitors, Suspension Aid,
•        Pressure Pumping, Stimulation, Cementing
•        Production: Phase Separation, Corrosion/Asset Integrity
•        Flow Assurance, Other (Biocides, H2S, Scavenging)
•        Enhanced Oil Recovery: Miscible Gas/CO2 Foam Surfactant, Polymer
•        Refining: Gas Treating, Heat Transfer Fluids, CO2 Capture from Flue
•        Natural Gas
o        Acid Gas Removal, Natural Gas Transmission, Heat Transfer Fluids/
Lubricants,   Coolants,  Annual Fluid Analysis, Waste Heat Recovery
o        Gasification: Coal, Biomass

•        Coatings, Coating Polymer, Excipients and Tablet Coating Systems
Liquid and
Semi-Solid  Rheology Control,
•        Advanced Release technologies  Extended release,    Immediate Release
Modified Release Binders, Sustained release
•        Deliquescent drugs   Dissolution enhancements of poorly soluble drugs
•        Nicotine   Polymorphism   Reduced abuse formulations,   Stabilization,
disintegrant,    Taste masking

Pulp and Paper :
Clarification Aid,  Deposit Control , Deposit Inhibitor,  Deposit Removal  and  
Detackifier,  Foam Control/ Defoamer,  Influent Treatment,   Microbiological
Biocide,  Pulping Scale Inhibitor, Strength Enhancement, Surface Sizing  
Wastewater Treatment  Odor Inhibitor , Wet Strength Additive,  

Packaging, Paper & Publishing: Additives for packaging film ,Additives for
containers , Additives for technical film , Adhesives, Biocides/preservatives  
materials Cartons/pouches  Catalysts,  Foams/Crates/Inserts,  Food and
Packaging, Labels,  Medical Packaging,  Raw Materials,  Rigid Packaging,  
Layers,  Specialty Films, Window Envelope Films, Wraps & Tubing

Polymers: Epoxy Hardeners, Epoxy Naphthalene-diol Hardener, Epoxy Resin
Vulcanization Accelerator

Stabilizer (Light)
Sugar Cane Processing Chemicals: de-ashing and de-colorization.

Textiles,Apparel,  Fabrics, Fibers, Yarn :
acrylic based synthetic polymer for sizing of a wide range of textile yarn
Acrylic based synthetic polymer for sizing of a wide range of textile yarns
Additives, Adhesives  and Binders,
Anti-microbials for  textiles
Anti-slipping agents for textile finishing
Antistatic agents for textile processing
Bbleaching auxiliaries,
Care and Cleaning,
Cracks and abrasion marks in dyeing
Cationic surfactants: Bleaching processors and stabilizers for textile wet
De-foaming agents for applications in textile wet processing
Dispersing agents dispersing and complexing agents for pretreatment of
Direct dyes for dyeing, Dyeing and Coloring, Robust dyeing system for dyeing
printing wool, polyamide or silk with a high fastness standard, Acid dyes for
dyeing and
printing of polyamide
Acid dyes for dyeing wool or silk , Reactive dyes for dyeing wool and silk,  
printing of
cellulosic fibers, 1:2 metal complex dyes for dyeing and printing of wool,
polyamide and silkDisperse dyes for polyester fibers, polyester automotive
fabrics,  polyester rapid dyeing,
Reactive dyes for cellulosic fibers (High temperature, reactive and high
fastness type
dyes) Reactive dyes for cellulosic fibers (Medium temperature reactive and
fastness type dyes) , Vat dyes for dyeing and printing cellulosic fibers
Double denomination of VICOL,
Easy-care finishes for textiles
Enzymes for textile applications
Equipment cleaners,  
Expert system for recipe prediction, quality control and recipes corrections for
printing and dyeing
Fibers, Films and Coatings, Footwear,
Flame retardant finishes for textiles
Fungicidal finishes for textile applications
Highly effective detergents/washing agents for the pretreatment of textiles
Levelling agents for dyeing of cellulosic fibers, wool, acrylic fibers,  polyester
Lubricants, Lubricants to reduces creases,
Moisture management agent for soft and hydrophilic textile finishes
Oil, water and soil repellent finishes for textile applications
Process Chemicals,
Sizes for textile applications, Sizes for a wide range of textile yarns
Softeners for textile finishing
Stain removers for textile application
Washing agents for improving fastness of textiles after dyeing
Wet fastness improvers for polyamide and silk dyeings
Wetting and penetration accelerants for textile wet processing
Wetting agents for pretreatment of textiles
UV-absorbers for textiles

Water Additives:  Cleaners,  Food and Beverage,  Home Water Systems,  
Hoses and
Tubes, Pipes,  Process and Waste Water Treatment, Pulp and Paper,
Treatment Systems

Wire & Cable: Compounds, Flame Retardants, Insulating Materials, Power
Specialty Products, Telecommunications

Related Sections:  Machinery, Systems and Chemicals for this sector

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