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Printing, Writing and Tissue Paper, Newsprint, Board & Kraft, Hard and Soft Wood Pulps from SRITECS

From World Established  Paper Mills SRITECS  offers Printing and Writing Papers for Supermarkets and
Publishers, Newsprints for Media, Board and Kraft for Packaging Industries, Tissue and Specialty papers for homes,
Hard and Soft chemical wood pulps  from Pulp Mills for  Paper Mills. Details are as follows:

Printing Paper White:
Cream Wove Paper 60 gsm
Whitening & Printing Paper: GSM 42-44/ GSM 47-50/ GSM 52-58
Map, Litho Paper:
Map Litho Paper 60 To 94 Sheets/ 60 To 94 Reel
White Map Litho-70 GSM
Cream Laid Woven Paper
58/60 GSM/ 58 GSM (57-58), 47/48 GSM, 56 GSM Sheets, 58 GSM Sheets
Cream Wove 4748 Gsm/ Cream Wove >58 Gsm

M.G. Paper Poster
37 To 39 GSM/ 60 To 71 GSM
NS –45/50 GSM ( R )/ 60 GSM/ 80 GSM
KN 1200 151-180 Gsm
BB KN 1800 151-180 Gsm/ BB KN 2200 151-180 Gsm

Kraft Paper
60 To 79 GSM MGR /MG Plain Craft, 80 To 90 GSM MGR/MG Plain Craft, 91 & above MGR/MG Plain Craft, 100
up S/R, 100/80 GSM( R )
MF Craft Paper Natural 80-90 Gsm, MF Craft Paper Dark Amber 80-90 Gsm, MF Craft Paper Dix 100-150 Gsm

Regular Variety When Supplied to News Papers etc.
When Supplied to Others: Standard Newsprint
Nepa News Print in 500 Sheets: 49 GSM/ 52 GSM/ 49 GSM

Duplex Board
White (Sheet)Duplex Board/ White (Reel)Duplex Board-Color (Sheet)/ Color (Reel)/ Un Blaeached 285 Reels

Other Boards(All Kinds)
Uncoated paper board in light substance/ Pulp Board (Colour)/ Folding Box Board
Mill Board Reels/ MG White Board/ MG Coloured Board Special

Tissue and Specialty Paper
o Cigarette Tissue Paper,  25-26gsm
o Graphic  200-400gsm 60-79gsm white or Brown
o Carbonless Papers,
o Digital Imaging Papers
o Electrical Insulating Paper,
o Match Tissue,

Softwood Kraft Pulps
o Unbleached Softwood Kraft Pulp- Standard-  Wood species : Pinus Radiata D. Don
o Bleached Radiata and Taeda pine pulp, for Writing and printing papers, tissue and specialty papers labels and food
o Unbleached Radiata pine pulp, for of specialty products, such as packaging, dielectric paper,and fiber cement
o Bleached Spruce Softwood Kraft pulp
o Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft (SBSK)
§ Soft Wood Grades Pine, Pine (pinus silvestris) + Spruce (picea abies)- 80 – 100 % + 0 – 20 %- 70 - 100 %+ 0 - 30 ,  
40 – 60 %+ 40 – 60 %-
o Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp (BEK)Wood species : Eucalyptus for papers, of decorative paper and wallpaper.

Hardwood Pulps
o Birch 100 – Qty 1000MT each
o Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp PULP - Birch (betula verrucosa) 100 %, + 85 – 100 % Aspen
Aspen 30 – 70 % Birch 30 – 70 % , Birch 80 – 100% + Spruce 0 – 20 % Canadian standard
o Spruce Sulfite Pulp, Wood species Spruce > 97% Pine < 3%
o TCF Bleached, 90 %
o Bleached Chemi-Thermo mechanical
o Specialty pulps and blend of wood and fiber pulp
o Specialty Cellulose produces dissolving wood pulp for making tire filaments, cigarette filters ,
sausage casing, capsules for medicines, contact lenses
o Specialty Pulp for tissue, coated papers , Photograph Paper-

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If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their Products, they
should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for SRITECS to send their offer.

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