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Processed  Foods from SRITECS

For Food Retailers, Supermarkets, Food  Retailers,  SRITECS  offers
Milk Powders, Indian and Ethnic foods for their Supply Chain from World Renowned Sellers.
Current client base to these sellers are across the world. All products confirm to  International
and Regulations. Details are as follows:

Food Processing Group
# Bakery and Bread Products
# Confectionery

# Dairy Products: Butter, Cheese, Paneer, Yoghurt
Milk Powder, Meets ADPI extra grade and BIS extea grade IS:13334 (Part 2):1992
•        Full Cream Milk Powder Adpi Extra Grade-Butterfat 26% Protein 26% Min Lactose 37%
Calorific Value: 500 kcal./100gm - Every 60g of powder contains minimum 1300 I.U.
•        Skimmed Milk Powder Milk Fat : Max 1.25 % ADPI Extra Grade        Protein : Approx. 35
% Minerals : Max 8.00
•        Packaged milk, Ice-cream, Butter, Cheese,  Paneer,  Yoghurt etc.,

# Processed and Ethnic Foods from India and Different parts of world confirming to EEC, United
States , ISO 9002, ISO 22000, FDA, FPO, Kosher, Halal, Global GAP, Ecocert, SGF and HACCP
certified plants and GMP procedures

Global Foods:  Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese, Colombian, Costa Rican, Cuban ,  
Dominican,  Ecuadorian, French, German, Guatemalan, India, Italian, Jamaican, Japan,
Nicaraguan, Panamanian , Paraguayan, Peruvian , Puerto Rican, Salvadorian,  Spanish, Thailand,
Uruguayan , USA, Venezuelan  Foods

From India- details
•        Ready  to Eat Meals: Biryani, Chicken Tikka Makhani & Pilau Rice, Parathas South: Mango
dal, Gongura dal, Ponga Hot, Vulava Charu, Sambar Rice, Andhra Veg Pulav,

•        Ready to Cook

•        Instant Mixes: Breakfast Mixes, Snack Mixes, Sweet Mixes, Meal Mixes :  Gulab Jamun,
Kheer, Jilebi, Vada, Idli, Rava Idli, Dosa, Rava Dosa, Upma, Pesarattu, Utappam, Dahi Vada

•        Snacks Corner: Chicken Fillet & Kofta, Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks, Chicken Tikka, Kebabs
& Cutlets, Samosas

•        Pickles: Amla, Brinjal, Citron, Coriander, Cut Mango, Drumstick, Garlic, Ginger, Gongura,
Gongura Onion, Gongura Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Green Chilli Mustard Oil, Green Tamarind,
Gujarati Gorkeri, Jaggery Mango, Karela, Lime, Lime Ginger, Lime in Lime Juice, Lime in
Mustard Oil,         Mango Avakaya, Mango Avakaya in Mustard Oil, Mango Ginger, Mango
Thokku, Mixed Veg, Mixed Veg in Mustard Oil, Onion, Red Chillies, Sweet Ginger, Sweet Mango,
Tamarind, Tender Mango, Tomato

•        Masala Pastes : Tamarind Juice, Tomato Paste,

•        Powders: Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Chilli Powder,         Coriander Powder, Garam
Masala Powder, Rasam Powder,  Sambar Powder, Biryani Masala, Chicken Masala, Fish Masala,
Meat masala, Tandoori Masala, Madras Curry Powder, Kura Karam, Idli Karam, Nalla Karam,
Curry leaf powder, Redgram Spice Mix, Seasame Spice Mix, Ground Nut Spice Mix

•        Others: Condiments,  Papads

•       More than 250  Food Ingredients, oils, flours, sugars etc.,

The above foods are  part of Supply Chain to Super Markets and  Food
retailers across the world

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If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their
Products, they should  E mail to giving details of their requirements for
SRITECS to send their offer.

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