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Processed  Foods from SRITECS
Executive Summary
•        Processed  and Ethic Foods from 26 countries to International and Country Standards Milk Powder
•        Specialty Chemicals for  Food Processors , 250 Food Ingredients, Bio Refining
•        Food Processing and Packaging Equipment- Bakery Lines, Milk Plants, Form Fill and Seal Machines,  Food
Processing Systems
•        IT Solutions and Services for Food Retail  and Multi Centre Scalable  Operations

For Food Retailers, Supermarkets, Food  Retailers,  SRITECS  offers
Milk Powders, Indian and Ethnic foods for their Supply Chain from World Renowned Sellers. Current client base to these
sellers are across the world. All products confirm to  International Standards
and Regulations. Details are as follows:

Processed  and Ethic Foods from 26 countries to International and Country Standards Milk Powder

Food Processing Group
Bakery and Bread Products

Dairy Products: Butter, Cheese,Yoghurt
Milk Powder, Meets ADPI extra grade and BIS extea grade IS:13334 (Part 2):1992
•     Full Cream Milk Powder Adpi Extra Grade-Butterfat 26% Protein 26% Min Lactose 37%
Calorific Value: 500 kcal./100gm - Every 60g of powder contains minimum 1300 I.U.
•       Skimmed Milk Powder Milk Fat : Max 1.25 % ADPI Extra Grade        Protein : Approx. 35
% Minerals : Max 8.00
•        Packaged milk, Ice-cream, Butter, Cheese,  Paneer,  Yoghurt etc.,

Processed and Ethnic Foods from India and Different parts of world confirming to EEC, United
States , ISO 9002, ISO 22000, FDA, FPO, Kosher, Halal, Global GAP, Ecocert, SGF and HACCP
certified plants and GMP procedures

Global Foods:  Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese, Colombian, Costa Rican, Cuban ,  
Dominican,  Ecuadorian, French, German, Guatemalan, India, Italian, Jamaican, Japan,
Nicaraguan, Panamanian , Paraguayan, Peruvian , Puerto Rican, Salvadorian,  Spanish, Thailand,
Uruguayan , USA, Venezuelan  Foods

From India- details
•    Ready  to Eat Meals: Biryani, Chicken Tikka Makhani & Pilau Rice, Parathas South: Mango
dal, Gongura dal, Ponga Hot, Vulava Charu, Sambar Rice, Andhra Veg Pulav,

•    Ready to Cook

•    Instant Mixes: Breakfast Mixes, Snack Mixes, Sweet Mixes, Meal Mixes :  Gulab Jamun,
Kheer, Jilebi, Vada, Idli, Rava Idli, Dosa, Rava Dosa, Upma, Pesarattu, Utappam, Dahi Vada

•    Snacks Corner: Chicken Fillet & Kofta, Jalapeno & Cheese Sticks, Chicken Tikka, Kebabs
& Cutlets, Samosas

•        Pickles•        Masala Pastes : Tamarind Juice, Tomato Paste,

•        Powders•        Others: Condiments,  Papads

•       More than 250  Food Ingredients, oils, flours, sugars etc.,

The above foods are  part of Supply Chain to Super Markets and  Food
retailers across the world
Specialty Chemicals for  Food Processors , 250 Food Ingredients, Bio Refining
Food Additives, Food Chain Partnership, Food Packaging,  Food Packaging -
Materials, Food Processing,  Ingredients for Formulations,
Bio refining : Specialty Chemicals for Boiler Water Treatment,  Corrosion
Inhibitor ,

Food Processing and Packaging Equipment- Bakery Lines, Milk Plants, Form Fill and Seal Machines,
Food Processing Plant and Equipment

Tetra Pak Aseptic Milk Process Plant - 12.000 L/h Brands: APV, BENHIL, GEA, GRAM, HAMBA, HOVER, PROMSG,

AFE Cookie Forming Machine
1 FIAMMA Cake Line Capacity : From 50 To 70 Catons Per Hour - For Spong
Cake Nearly 5500 Piece /..2010  
1 MECATHERM Used Mecatherm Trm 26 14687 Baguette Line, 5000
1 RONDO Scm50 Croissomat, Industrial Croissant Production Line, 2013
1 COMAS Automatic Pie Tart Forming Line, 7500 Pies/Hour ... 2010
1 POLIN Automatic Muffin Production 2012 Line, 8 000 Pieces/Hour
1x POLIN / Gs Italia / Tecnopack, Automatic Muffin Production Line,
RONDO Starline, 12000   Y2010

ALFA LAVAL MRPX 410 TGD 74 Milk Separator - 7.500 l/h
Tetra Pak ALEX 400 Homogeniser, 20.000 l/h
Tetra Pak TAM 20 Homogeniser, 3.000 l/h

Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 RTL Ice Cream Batch Pasteuriser
Tetra Pak Hoyer FF 2000 Ice Cream Ingredient Feeder
Tetra Pak Hoyer SF Frigus 1200 C Ice Cream Continuous Freezer
Small Tunnel Oven Line
ARTISANAL Ice Cream Equipment Package, Ex-London Gelato Parlour

Packaging Mc
BARTELT automatic Pouch former -Horizontal pouch former - 7.5" centers -4
sided seal pouch...
BARTELT IM-9 Pouch Packer with Auger Filler - Single auger filler (photo
shows tablet feeders
BARTELT Model Im7-14 Horizontal Pouch Former AMS Auger Filler With
Agitator And Level Control Driven...
KEDI DOY Pouch Machine with Rotary Scales - Pre-made stand up pouches
with reclosable zipper
ROURE Automatic Pouch Former Complete With A (7) Cup Volumetric Filler
With Stainless Steel Hopper
VANGUARD model VFFS stainless steel pouch packaging machinery -Stainless
steel funnel -4 seal.
NOAH, model number CF-5B, Unit is semi-automatic. used in pharmaceutical
ALL-FILL, 2-Head, 3-1/2, Powder  Filler, Auger, S/ST,Custom Design, 2,

BAG FILLERS: ERIEZ 8 Head, , Mdl N4X, 115V, S/ST 15 Station, EXPRESS Scale Line, Open
Mouth, HOWE RICHARDS  Line, Open Mouth,

BOTTLE FILLERS: FOGG, 8 Valve, Simplex, Inline, Automatic, S/ST, 12-valve, Rotary, 3/4 HP,
SHIBUYA KOGYO,S/ST,8-head, Rotary,

CAN FILLERS: FMC, S/ST,Liquid, 211 Dia, 18 Valve, FMC, S/ST,Liquid, 300 Dia, 18 Valve,
FMC, S/ST, Liquid, 404 Dia, 10 Valve, Mdl 80,
FMC, Liquid, 404 Dia, 24 Valve, Seamer, Star,  RUSTCO, Filler, Can, Liquid,
18 Valve, 401 Dia, S/st,

PISTON FILLERS: 12 Head, SIDEL, Monobloc, ZALKIN Capper, ELMAR, Mdl RPE214ILH, 14 Head, Rotary, ELMAR
Indus S/ST,

ROTARY FILLERS: FOGG 18 Valve Rotary Filler
ISHIDA 10 Rotary Combination Scale ISHIDA CCW S 212, 14 Head Rotary
Scale, in good running condition.
BINER ELLISON 16 Head, 1/2 Nozzles, HORIX 14-head Vacuum, KRONES,
Bottle, 72-valve, Capper, YU HAO Rotary, 6 Head, Powder, S/ST,

Cup Fillers: LIDDER, Akra-pak, Mdl OSF64B, Food Grade, LIDDER,Fill-Tech, 2-lane,
Tubs, Sealer, DENESTER,Ampak, S/ST,WA Lane, Mdl 678, 10-Head, Sealer, (3)

Form, Fill & Sealers: Automatic Pkg, MDL H, Scale,

AUTOWRAPPER, MDL RC100, Tea Bags,   ELPACK, Mdl EL-200, Round Cake,
HAYSSEN, AR-16, Single Tube, ONPACK, Mld ONP-2030, S/st,(2)
VERTEK, Mdl. 1150, Weigh Feeder, MAHAFFY HARDER 805 Sureflow Vacuum Form Fill Seal, Superb Condition,
Circle model V22S Form, Fill and Seal Machine - 10-head piston filler ...
MATRIX Single Tube Form Fill Seal Machine (1) Electric Eye - New 1...
GENESIS PACKAGING Vibratory Feeder featuring 304 Stainless Steel
Package Machinery model TP2 bagger - 14-head

1 X Pet Bottle Injection Blow Molding Machine, 2011 1 X Water Filling L...
1x DOYPACK, Tt8c2,2, Packaging Line Toyo Jidoki, Year 2014
1x ISHIDA Sandiacre, Ccw-Rs-210w-1s-30-Ss, Weighing And Bagging Line,
1x PROMETICA, Filling Line, Yom 2014 Description • Consisting ...

SUPERSACK FILLERS: MATRIX VFFS Bagger, Available in Laminate Jaws and Poly seal jaws. Both
in excellent condition.
1 HENKOVAC / SUPERVAC Vacuum Line, Automatic Vacuummachine Type
A-5000 Year 2010
1 HONMON Hm-420lb, Plastic Film 2014, Large Volume Liquid & Paste Bag
1 HONMON Hm-820pg, Plastic Film Large Volume Powder Bag Packing
Machine 2016
5 PAYPER Line, Complete Automatic Plant For Wheat And Paddy Packing
CONCETTI, Bagging Machine
FRANZ 28 Valve Filler

Blister Packaging Machinery
HOFLIGER & KARG model servac blister packager -Set for (2) 1 1/2" width x
3 1/2" long blister
HORN NOACK Model Dpn740p Automatic Blister Packager Set For (2) 57 Mm
Wide X 78 Mm Long Blisters,
HORN NOACK Model Dpn760, Automatic Blister Packager, Set For (3) 45 Mm
Wide X 100 Mm Long Blisters, ...
KLOCKNER MODEL Cp10 , Automatic Blister Packager, Set For (4) 60 Mm
Wide X 95 Mm Long Blisters,
SKINETTA Model Ask200, Serial Number Esz242101 Automatic Box Wrapper,
With Inlet Conveyor Of 6" Width

Candy & Gum Wrappers SIG Model CL Chocolate Bar Wrapper - Foil from roll and paper from pre-cut
stack - Cold glue...  

Cut and Wrap Wrappers Forgrove model 42C Cut and Twist Wrap Machine - Set for approximately 7/8"
long x 5/8" diameter...
Package Machinery Model K Kiss Wrapper - Model K Kiss wrapper - steel
finger twisters
Rose Forgrove model RF750 High Speed Cut & Twist Wrapper - set for a piece
measuring 25mm x 15mm...  
Rose Forgrove RF750 WT Whirl Cut & Twist Wrap Line - Hansella model 19K
7' batch roller

HEAT SEAL model HDS215HN/8 L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - 20" x 15"
sealing area - 14.5" .
POLYPACK model FH-16-24C Stainless Steel Shrink Bundler - 24" seal bar -
6" wide inline feed...  
SERGEANT L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - 20" x 16" seal area
WELDOTRON model 6402 L-Bar sealer - 28" x 22" Bar...  
WELDOTRON Model 1208, Sleeve Wrapper, 31" Long X 12" Wide Sealing
Area, With 20" Wide Infeed Conveyor
X-RITE L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - 19" x 16" seal area - Belt discharge
to shrink tunnel.
SHANKLIN F-4 High Speed FFS Shrink Wrapper.

CARLE & MONTANARI model CM-H70 Double Twist Wrapper -
FORGROVE model 22B Twist Wrapper - Hand fed - Double twist - Single
paper reel
PACTEC model EU7/3 Double Twist Wrapper for Chocolates - MARKEM
model 9840 coder - Electric ...

Food Processing Systems  

Food & Beverage/CPG Scalable and repeatable Solutions to support single or multi-site operations for
agile, safe, compliant and sustainable to maximize efficiency.

IT Solutions and Services for Food Retail  and Multi Centre Scalable  Operations

For Food and Grocery
Solutions cover to
•        Ensure that there are no stock-outs, and at the same time minimize inventory holding costs
•        Provide optimal assortment mix that is localized to stores
•        Achieve accurate demand forecasting and category specific allocation and replenishment mechanisms to handle
categories based on the product lifecycle and shelf- life
•        Minimize shrinkage and ensure freshness of the perishable items
•        focus on the entire retail value chain that comprises merchandizing, supply chain, store operations, multi-
channel, marketing and sales through
•        merchandise selection, value, convenience, in-store experience and customer relationships.

If Buyers require above products or any others not in the above list or Sellers wish to Export their Products, they should  E
mail to giving details of their requirements for SRITECS to send their offer.

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