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Process Control, Automation and  Manufacturing Systems from SRITECS

From World Renowned System Manufacturers with proven Products, Installation and
Services for the Designed Applications,
SRITECS offers Advanced Process Control
Systems, Automation, Machine Vision, Robotics and Manufacturing systems,  custom built
for each Industry and Application in Different Industries.
Additionally SRITECS offers IT Solutions from Industry IT  Leaders

Details are as follows:

Agro Systems
o        Computer Systems and Software for Crops, Fruits and Vegetables l Fertilizer and
Pesticide Automation with fertilizer manufacturing l Unattended Remote Load out System l
Open fields Irrigation Control I Greenhouse Irrigation Control Greenhouse Climate
o        Yield monitoring Systems for grapes, tomatoes, carrots, sugar beets,  potatoes, and
sweet potatoes   
Farm Services : Aerial infrared service for Farms and Ranches, Meterological
Equipment , Satellite
o        Positioning Systems (GPS)
o        Farm Software:
        Dairy Herd, Beef cattle and Ranch management
        Farm, Feed  Software
        Chicken Coops and Poultry House Control   
        Farm accounting Software

Sugar Plant Systems
•        Beet, Can sugar Process, Diffuser, Ph, Evaporation, Pan, CCrystallizer, Distillatio,
Mill Control systems Control , Systems  and Instruments Beet, Cane Sugar and Refinery
•        Value Added Sugars,  Sugar Plant Byproducts,  Sugar Plant Derived Chemicals,
•        Simulator for Complete Plant or Process systems  
•        Energy Audit and Conservation Systems, Quality Systems in  Plant and Field,
Environ Systems   for Air Pollution Control, By Products, Solid Waste Management ,
Water and Waste Water Treatment,
•        Automation for the sugar industry- sugar,  vacuum pan, controls.

Food Processing  Systems

o        Packaging
o        Industry Specific: Food Processing
o        Manufacturing and processing Automation
o        Restaurant management Systems
o        Menu Cost Control

Dairy  Management, Profitability Tools/ Profit Analyzer  for  feed usage and milk
production to calculate Daily Income Over Feed
Cost,  Ingredient Usage, and Feed Conversion, Dry Matter Efficiency, Dairy Farm
Management/ Profitability Control/ Milk Testing   

Garment  Manufacturing Systems
o        Garment Design and Manufacturing Systems
o        Digitizing/ Pattern Creation/ Design/ Alterations/ Auto patterns/   
o        CAD Conversion for Marking up and Cutting   
o        Merger Software for import, export and Communicate to other CAD/CAM Systems/   
o        NC Cut-Data Generation   
o        IT Solutions for shortening Production Life Cycles from Design to Sales   
o        Cutting Solutions to reduce material losses and cutting waste   
o        Centralized control in Manufacturing
o        CAD/ CAM/ Computer Integrated Manufacturing Software and Systems for
o        Pattern Design, Marking, Cutting  and Grading / Import ,Export  and Conversion of
CAD data/
o        Stitching on Virtual 3D fit Model/ Knit Structures, Textures and materials/ Virtual
Style Simulating and Color   Expression / Piece design
o        Automatic Grading and Needle work allocation, Automatic Correction  
o        Customized Garment Production Digital Printing   Color, Design, Style, Fabric as
per  requirements
o        Design Alignment  
o        Testing Instruments and Software for  Automated Optical Fabric Inspection Color
Quality Control and Measurement , Pattern Making and
o        Digital Textile Printing  ‘Textile Design   
o        Energy Management Systems including,   Energy Audit, Energy Program and Energy
Conservation in Environ Systems and Utilities
o        Management Services   
o        Environ Audit Environ system Design for Color and Metal Removal, Toxicity
Control, Waste Reduction, Water and Waste water  Treatment

Textile Systems: Textile Automation • Non woven Production, • Finishing,
• Automation of Synthetic Fiber production,
• Staple fibre spinning,

Auto and Auto OE Manufacturing Systems Controllers, Integration& Control, Control
•        Design and Engineering, CAD/CAM/CAE, Forming Technologies, Rapid
Prototyping, Production Scheduling& Control,  Manufacturing Information,
•        M/C, Part, Fabric & Assembly, Finish, M/V, Robotics, Automated Systems
•        Plastic, Composite  Mold & Manufacture, Inspection, QC&A, Standards,
Conformation Management
•        Supply Chain, MH-Automated, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing, Packaging
•        Auto Form Engineering        
o        software solutions for the die-making and sheet metal forming industries
Auto form Systems

Cement  Plant  Systems - Cement Plant Automation
•        Cement Manufacturing Process Control Systems
o        Mining and Mineral Processing   
o        Centralized Process and Plant Control for Crushing, Coal and cement Grinding,
Kiln, Pyro Processing,   
o        Energy Management and Environ Systems for Air Pollution Control and
o        Maintenance Management Systems

Power Plant Systems

•        Fossil Generation Solutions  
•        Combustion Turbine Solutions
•        Nuclear Power Plant Protection and Control Solutions
•        EMS, DMS, and SCADA Solutions for Transmission and Distribution
•        Substation Automation and Integration
•        Turbine control   Speed governor   Frequency governor   Over speed production   On-
line valve test
•        Boiler controls-    AGC control,  Coordinated control,    Combustion,    Drum level,  
Furnace pressure , Steam temperature , Load run back,    Load block
•        Data acquisition  Information retrieval, storage, and reporting   Performance
calculations   Controllable losses
•        Enterprise WAN   Real-time and historical data   Sensor-to-boardroom information
•        Balance of plant control   Condensate control  Condenser hot well  Feed water
heaters  Make-up water
•        Burner management  Auto-purge and pre-light  Emergency shutdown protection
•        Energy Management Solutions- Performance Monitoring for Boilers and Turbines ,
APM, Advan cded steam Management

Mining Systems: Mineral Process Control, Environ Control,   
o        automation for the mining industry.
•        Discontinuous Mining, Continuous Mining
•        Beneficiation
•        Automation and MES
•        Water Solutions, Power Solutions
•        Service and Maintenance
•        Environmental Care

Metallurgical Systems, Automation,  Computer Systems and Software for the iron and steel
o        Iron making- Coke battery, Coal chemicals,  Blast furnace, gas handling, Cupola,
o        Steelmaking- Melt shop, Caster ,
o        Rolling- Reheat furnace , Rolling mill , Finishing, Annealing and heat-treating,
Pickling line,
o        Utilities

Paper and Pulp Systems
o        Paper machine controls, Process Automation & Simulation Services
o        Energy Management Systems , Chemical Recovery, Lime kiln, Causticizing,
Evaporators, pulping, Bleaching, Thermomechanical pulping (TMP), Washing,

Oil and Gas Industry Systems
•        Oil and Gas Industry Process Knowledge Solution
•        integrated business solution that encompasses your entire enterprise:
•        Offshore and onshore production
•        Oil and gas processing
•        Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants
•        Pipelines
•        Terminals
•        Marine transportation.
•        Petroleum
•        Blending Automation

Petroleum Refinery   Systems
•        Advanced Control Systems - for   Fractionator,   Hydro Alkylation,   Aromatics
Extractor,   Platinum Reforming Unit,   Pyrolisis Unit, Extractor  Treating Sections
•        Blending Systems- Blend Property,  Ratio Control Batch, Lot and Tank
Composition,  Automation Recipe Management  
•        Utilities : Boiler and compressor optimization , Cogeneration Steam system ,
Continuous emissions monitoring , Hydrogen Sulfide  Control System in an Oil Refinery.
•        Automation for tank farms and terminals.
•        Simulators   for Reservoir Management, Formulation Gridding Options Well ,
Refinery-planning process

Petrochemicals’ systems
Aromatics – Optimize production through integrated solutions.
Aromatic Derivatives – Efficiently transform aromatics into value-added intermediates.
Olefins – Success through innovation to expand your complex and increase value.
Detergents – Next generation LAB processes lower costs for a better bottom line.

Polymer  Manufacturing Systems
•        Intelligent automation  for Manufacture Polymers and Resins from Polyethylene,
Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylics, Epoxies, Phenolics and Specialty Phenolics, Polyesters
and UnsaturatedPolyesters, Adhesives,  Printing Inks,  Surface Coatings,  Polyurethanes
•        Automation Systems- Blown film,  Co-extrusion, Laminating Systems, PU and  
•        Automation  Software and Systems for  Assembly , Machine Monitoring,  Vision
Motion Positioning and Analysis,  Machine-Operator Workstations,  Robots, Formulating,  
Parison Programming and Quality Control

Health Care  Systems
•        Hospital Management  and Medical Practice Management   Systems
•        Community Services Systems  
•        Financial  Systems- Insurance-   Corporate Benefits Plans, Decision/Risk Analysis ,
•        Radiology Systems
•        Software and Systems for Medical billing , medical records management system ,   
medical claims, Medical Information, service and system solutions,
•        Clinical databases laboratory information systems

Health Care  Systems and services
Accreditation  l  Billing Services l  Case Management l Facilities Management l
Information Systems  l Medical Record Systems l  Outcomes Management l  Planning l
Practice Management l Quality Management  l Regulatory l  Scheduling  l Survey
Management l Test Results Notification l  
Workplace Safety
Community l  Correctional Services l Emergency Services  l Health and Fitness Clubs l  
Long Term Care l  Hospital l  Home Health Care  l Managed Care l  Nursing l  
Rehabilitation  l Social Services l Telemedicine
Financial l Insurance-   Corporate Benefits Plans, Decision/Risk Analysis l Disabilities l  
Long Term Care, Temporary l Marketing l
Ambulatory l Cardiovascular l  Occupational l Orthodontics l Radiology Systems
Software and Systems for : Medical billing l medical records management systemI  
software packages for  medical claims  l Medical Information service and system solutions  
l Clinical databases on drug information, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, infectious
diseases, and poisoning & toxicology l laboratory information systems for the general
clinical laboratory, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, cytology and pathology I  Patient ,
billing, collections, admissions, registration, orders, referral tracking, and ambulatory
pharmacy I  

Pharmaceutical Industry Systems
Raw material handling, Fermentation control, In-line ingredient blending, Sterilizer
control, Centrifuge control, High-purity water

IT  Solutions and Services
•        Application, Architecture, Valid& Test, Info Mgt., Infrastructure, Knowledge, BPO
•        IT Solutions and Services
•        product design
•        production
•        plant automation
•        production execution
•        Supply chain Management (SCM)
•        IT consulting, services
Production Services: Support, Management and Consulting Services
Consulting Services: Biz Optimization, Consulting & Engineering, Education&
Training, Infrastructure Design& Support, Maintenance& Support,


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